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Wed Jan 24, 2024, 03:42 PM Jan 2024

Today's Tiedrich rant: Donald Trump is weak and stupid and also has six fingers on his freakishly tiny hands [View all]

Link: https://www.jefftiedrich.com/p/donald-trump-is-weak-and-stupid-and

yes, Little Donny Diaperstain got more votes than Nikki Haley in New Hampshire last night but he also fucking lost, because he’s a loser, and losing is what losers do.

Donald Trump let a girl — a brown girl, at that — take almost half his votes, and that could be a sign of a coming disaster for him this November. of course, that’s not how Trump is spinning it.

“you know, we won New Hampshire three times now, three. we won it every time. we win the primary, we win the generals.”

yeah, no. fact check: the email lady beat Trump in New Hampshire in 2016 and Biden whipped his ass there in 2020.

but that’s Donny’s whole thing: to bluff and bluster and try to convince us he’s something he’s not. Trump is the chickenshit coward draft dodger who pretends to have the courage to disarm a school shooter. he’s the illiterate C-minus student who pretends to be a genius. he’s the half-a-billion-inheriting nepo baby who pretends to be self-made. he’s the failed casino operator and game show host who pretends to be a success..... (Much more at link)
- more at link -

Awesome rant, and he gives you many quick rebuttals you can use on your Repuke buddies down at the American Legion.

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