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6. I am often requested to "be nice" so that people are inclined to "believe" me.
Sat Jun 8, 2024, 01:29 PM
Jun 8

Over the years, I've responded with this analogy:

A man sees somebody walking along the railroad tracks and sees a train approaching at high speed. He yells, "Hey asshole, get the fuck off the train tracks, a train is coming!"

The person on the tracks says, "ask me nicely and I'll consider it."

I'm happy you have a important job, dumbing down information. That's not my job however. If you're familiar with my writing, as you say you are, (I am unfamiliar with yours), I have expressed these points before many times. We don't live in times where "being nice" has much value, particularly since the planet is in flames. We're on the tracks.

Like the tee shirt I got from the AAAS says: Facts are facts.

If one thinks that one should only "believe" facts when they are stated nicely and cutely, one is in dangerous territory. Indeed, many important facts have been stated or discovered by complete assholes: The solid phase transistor was invented by the White Supremacist William Shockley. The fact that he was a White Supremacist has no bearing on the fact that the transistor works.

It is a fact that nuclear energy saves lives and is the most effective tool at fighting climate change, just as in the analogy, it is a fact that a train is coming at high speed.

Now, let me tell you something about the purported energy unit "residential homes." It is misleading in the extreme, and is most often applied to the useless and reactionary so called "renewable energy" industry, which I regard as lipstick on the fossil fuel pig. Some valuable land or offshore ecosystems are rendered into an industrial plant for wind turbines, laced with access roads, wiring and concrete and the media reports that the energy which they illiterately use the unit of power, the Watt, usually referring dishonestly to the peak power as opposed to the average (continuous) power to report that a wind industrial plant can power zillions of "homes." The problem with this misleading terminology is that the wind often doesn't blow (which any fool should be able to discern) and no one seems to note that something else will be required if the wind doesn't blow, or else "the homes" will be without power. That "something else" is fossil fuels.

As a scientist I have no question as to whether dumbing down often lapses into misleading information.

Thanks for your kind response.
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