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21. I have a simpler answer
Fri Feb 1, 2013, 05:30 PM
Feb 2013

President Obama challenged us with this question: Do we want a society in which we are all in this together, or in which we are all in this alone.

Our answer, as always, ever since the post-war generation at any rate, is ALONE. We aren't a society, we are a collection of individuals all looking out for number one. We live in a culture that worships the anti-social personality. We worship greed and self-interest over everything else, we plan vacations while our children lose their homes, we give tax cuts to the wealthy while tens of millions of kids go hungry, we don't care about education or our infrastructure or unaffordable healthcare. We don't care, unless it's us. We have a generation that burned the country to the ground, snorted the ashes, then pissed on the smouldering rubble.

We call this the American way.

And we wonder why disenfranchized and disturbed people go from being anti-social -- as we taught them -- to sociopathic. How, we wonder, can these monsters do this? Do they not care about the children or other victims? The answer, of course, is no.


"Some men just want to watch the world burn." That line from a recent movie resonated with a generation, not because they were disturbed by the idea, but because they could sympathize. They want to watch the world burn, and they are one tiny psychotic break away from striking the match.

In my opinion

The last paragraph really sums it up well ... and then people wonder why ... RKP5637 Feb 2013 #1
Something seems missing... Eleanors38 Feb 2013 #2
This sounds like a Fox "News" transcript Doctor_J Feb 2013 #6
Don't watch that stuff like some. Anything relevant, otherwise? Eleanors38 Feb 2013 #25
No, if that were it non-whites and non-males would have been massacreing people for centuries (nt) Recursion Feb 2013 #8
I sure have noticed that DU's who claim male victimhood BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2013 #10
Plus a gazillion... pkdu Feb 2013 #30
Care to name some examples? Blue_Tires Feb 2013 #15
And what brings Americans together? The Superbowl, a very violent game flamingdem Feb 2013 #3
I'm not surprised BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2013 #9
"The decisions to export American jobs were based solely on corporate profit... antigop Feb 2013 #4
Where is Hate Radio/ Fox "News" in the equation? Doctor_J Feb 2013 #5
yes, they give 'permission' (by example) to be callous and angry BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2013 #11
Is the gun a God Big_Harry Feb 2013 #7
I read here that 203 people were shot yesterday, were the killers all white? just1voice Feb 2013 #12
Article is limited to mass murders and even defines it. sinkingfeeling Feb 2013 #13
Do they explain why the mass murders done by those who are not white males don't count? Bluenorthwest Feb 2013 #16
You obviously didn't even bother to read the first paragraph. sinkingfeeling Feb 2013 #17
Yes I did. Bluenorthwest Feb 2013 #19
Ft Hood, Palestinian/American. DC shooters, African American... Bluenorthwest Feb 2013 #20
Slightly more are black than white... bobclark86 Feb 2013 #14
This thread was opened in 'good reads' to discuss the article. It's about mass murder. sinkingfeeling Feb 2013 #18
I have a simpler answer Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #21
I think you've summed it up. alarimer Feb 2013 #32
The white males who go postal are often highly intelligent. undeterred Feb 2013 #22
It is the definition of power felix_numinous Feb 2013 #23
What felix_numinous said. love_katz Feb 2013 #31
This sentence says it all: Brigid Feb 2013 #24
+100 lunasun Feb 2013 #28
Women and minorities are disproportionately badly affected by the economy. yardwork Feb 2013 #26
Styx, "I'm just a prisoner in a king's disguise . . . " patrice Feb 2013 #27
Pieces of Eight patrice Feb 2013 #29
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