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4. This is not Jon "kicking anyone's ass". It's a 3 minute advertisement for O'Reilly and 2nd
Thu Feb 6, 2014, 12:59 PM
Feb 2014

opportunity to gloat over his Super Bowl Special opportunity to raise his standing to being able to "take the President to task" and an opportunity to sum up all of the past Republican Talking Points...yet again.

Progressive News: Republican's dirty tricks rehashed over and over and over again...Don't pay attention to them because they are bad. But psychology 101 is at work. What really sticks in your mind? The cleverly cut and often cute...even slightly funny...videos of "evil" over and over and over again.

How many times have we heard Huckabee speak of Sugar Daddy and women's libido...it's humiliating, ignorant, filth and offensive to even hear. Then the short "he's such a tool" or polite rebuttal by the host. What do we remember...the filth he spewed, or the brief naysaying of the Host.

Note on O'Reilly's show, he showed Stewart only briefly...the rest was his mantra...over and over and over. Almost like MSNBC, in reverse.

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