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omg he grabbed her riverwalker Aug 2014 #1
That was my first thought, too. Forget the condescending "you understand english, don't you?" TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #12
"Racist Pig Exposed" would be a more accurate headline. Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #2
Rand Paul ran like a little wimp,... MarianJack Aug 2014 #3
Headline on Mediaite Garthem Aug 2014 #4
But not without going back to get his hot dog. That was hilarious. TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #14
wow, Steve King just shows how much of a bubble politicians live in nt alp227 Aug 2014 #5
Look at the 3:49 mark where one of his thugs tries to stop the person filming this.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #15
WTF is the matter with some white people??? Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #6
King: El Shaman Aug 2014 #7
Arrogant pig King is! liberal N proud Aug 2014 #8
I didn't grow up in King's district. stone space Aug 2014 #26
Could not make it all the way through the clip. justhanginon Aug 2014 #9
Then you missed the old white guy near the end saying, "Go home!" to those people. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #17
Glad I missed that. What puzzles me justhanginon Aug 2014 #28
They enjoy "Hippie Punching", after they lied us into a war and crashed the economy,.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #29
You Could Tell By King's Body Language DallasNE Aug 2014 #10
She was up against that right wing ideology yuiyoshida Aug 2014 #11
Did you see the part where the King/Paul supporters started shouting "go home!" at them? TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #16
He looked like he's part of the coveted 70+ demographic. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #18
They Are Home DallasNE Aug 2014 #22
Put it this way: THEY'VE LIVED IN THE USA LONGER THAN TED CRUZ. TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #25
Get a load of Rand Paul: 0:003 shakes their hands. 0:11 hears they're Dreamer, nearly chokes on TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #13
Holy shit, I didn't even recognze him! AtheistCrusader Aug 2014 #19
What is it with GOP Aholes thinking they can just grab people? tanyev Aug 2014 #20
As soon as I saw it was Don Young I wasn't the least bit surprised. The man is a f-ing psychopath. TrollBuster9090 Aug 2014 #21
she was grew up here Mr. No Clue. oldandhappy Aug 2014 #23
condescending asshole noiretextatique Aug 2014 #24
This young lady is clearly more intelligent than King Gothmog Aug 2014 #27
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