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Fred Sanders

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3. I do not concur. Revolutions are for third world countries. Obama WAS the revolution in America. The fact
Thu Aug 20, 2015, 06:30 AM
Aug 2015

that a racist opposition party stood in the way of further progress does not take away one iota from the progress that was made since 2009.

Not to mention Obama still has plenty of time and political will to continue the evolution revolution that began the day he was elected. That the mass media never wants the campaign season to end and now wants to put a halt to governing 420 days before a change in federal government is....nuts.

Patience is a virtue almost unknown in America, so when Obama introduced this strange notion of having a little patience, of course that was met with resistance by a public long ago conditioned for only instant gratification and outrage.

Amnesia is not a virtue, amnesia is what let's so many politicians get away with political murder...do not be a victim of amnesia. Folks have to remember all the quiet good along with the loudly advertised bad; if you do not, that is amnesia.

President Clinton is the next natural step in this evolution of the revolution. 8 more years on that path is needed....because the revolution is already here.

Folks, I say you are standing in the middle of revolution! The evidence is flowing all around you, don't keep letting the corporate media convince you it is not.

Did anyone think the plutocratic holders of a concentrated economic and political power that took the corrupt masters of media and politics 30 years to achieve would give it all up easily, without the dirtiest, most desperate and most lawless and disgusting of fights to keep it all? Getting rid of all the defences they have put up will take time. Patience.

Obama/Clinton 2009 to 2025.....there is your revolution.


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