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1. Apparently K2 is not taller than Everest after all...
Sat May 7, 2016, 06:49 AM
May 2016

In 1986, George Wallenstein led an expedition up K2. Among the gear carried to the summit was equipment to help obtain a more accurate survey of the mountain from a satellite. The preliminary calculations by a the University of Washington astronomer, unnamed in all accounts I've read, indicated that K2 was somewhere between 29,064 and 29,228. Big news, which soon leaked out, and news articles around the world proclaimed K2 the new champeen of the world.

Big problem: the figures were wrong. A simple retraction by the U of W wasn't enough to quell the international uproar. Only an official proclamation would suffice, and Ardite Desio, working on behalf of the Italian Research Council, immediately organized expeditions to measure BOTH mountains with the same yardstick. Climbers and equipment were hastened up both peaks, and in October, 1987, Desio made the announcement that the new satellite tale of the tape showed Everest was 29,078 feet high, and K2 28,238. Many reference books haven't caught up with this yet. The above elevations quoted by Guinness, the World Almanac and AOL's kw: Atlas cite China's 1973 measurements of 29,028 and 28,250 (in meters in AOL's case), and a FAQ at nationalgeographic.com inexplicably gives 29,108 and 28,268. But informed sources now agree that Everest is the top of the world.


On edit--I thought the graphic at the end of the video was claiming K2 as the tallest mountain. It was my eyes that failed in this case.

Apparently K2 is not taller than Everest after all... Human101948 May 2016 #1
No way salmannaseem07 May 2016 #2
I hear K-2 is the most dangerous to climb. brush May 2016 #3
That true salmannaseem07 May 2016 #5
Mauna Kea is calling on line 1... (LOL!) Moostache May 2016 #4
Thanks for new information salmannaseem07 May 2016 #6
That name, K-2, makes it sound so forboding. brush May 2016 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author salmannaseem07 May 2016 #8
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