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This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Sep 2016 #1
To what? yuiyoshida Sep 2016 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Sep 2016 #42
You don't know how to do that? yuiyoshida Sep 2016 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Sep 2016 #44
What did she do? n/t RKP5637 Sep 2016 #2
She got hit by a car. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2016 #4
Kinda like Eddie Murphy being thrown out of a window,...while black. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2016 #6
It took me a while. Lol. Yes. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2016 #10
While black. nt awoke_in_2003 Sep 2016 #19
She was in a bike accident with a car jberryhill Sep 2016 #8
Question is, how do they know she was a minor? ........ W T F Sep 2016 #18
That is our big tough guys in blue protecting us. Goddamn doc03 Sep 2016 #3
"You're being detained for lack of cooperation in an investigation." Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2016 #5
A minor cannot refuse medical assistance jberryhill Sep 2016 #11
They wouldn't have done it if she was white Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2016 #14
They shouldn't have done what they did, period jberryhill Sep 2016 #16
This was an open and shut case of what we used to call "police brutality". Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2016 #17
She ran a red light and hit a car. The police were so worried about her they had to wrestle (LINK) uppityperson Sep 2016 #9
Brito speaks like a 'typical' uneducated moron.. it's all pangaia Sep 2016 #31
I worked in Hagerstown. It was not a place that liked black people. rusty quoin Sep 2016 #12
Do you see, kiddies? snort Sep 2016 #13
Stupid handling by cops, but she should be detained and sent to medical facility for evaluation pediatricmedic Sep 2016 #15
"should have transported her to a medical facility" Helen Borg Sep 2016 #21
".....should have transported her to a medical facility." pangaia Sep 2016 #32
I watched the full thing on YouTube... Helen Borg Sep 2016 #20
Really? If this was your daughter? She was handcuffed and pepper sprayed for being black. FailureToCommunicate Sep 2016 #23
If this was my underage daughter... Helen Borg Sep 2016 #24
"There was no gratuitous use of force here." Okay, you must have seen a different video. FailureToCommunicate Sep 2016 #27
The problem is that instead of taking her to a medical facility, the took her to the PD and detained appleannie1 Sep 2016 #29
Minor detail, isn't it.. DUH! pangaia Sep 2016 #33
If true, that is a serious problem... Helen Borg Sep 2016 #36
Helen, your point is well taken. Nitram Sep 2016 #26
I'm with you on this, to a point. cab67 Sep 2016 #38
The girl spoke publicly about her perspective... Helen Borg Sep 2016 #39
wow, what caring compassionte cops HAB911 Sep 2016 #22
To protect you from the consequences of a possible concusion, I'm going to... Nitram Sep 2016 #25
A possible head injury was the most important randr Sep 2016 #28
They don't need further training. pangaia Sep 2016 #34
They were so concerned they detained her at the police department. appleannie1 Sep 2016 #30
Fucking shit, man.... pangaia Sep 2016 #35
That's recommended procedure for a suspected traumatic brain injury uppityperson Sep 2016 #37
This is horrifying footage SFierro2004 Sep 2016 #40
Cop who sprayed should be fired NQA Wibly Sep 2016 #41
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