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38. I'm with you on this, to a point.
Fri Sep 23, 2016, 02:20 PM
Sep 2016

The officers were trying to help a girl who might have been injured without knowing it.

What I don't get is how the situation escalated as badly as it did. The girl was obviously confused and frightened. Agreed, the police were trying to manage the situation, and they were trying to do so without hurting the girl - but some of the things they said (e.g. that she was being detained for not cooperating) may have exacerbated things.

This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Sep 2016 #1
To what? yuiyoshida Sep 2016 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Sep 2016 #42
You don't know how to do that? yuiyoshida Sep 2016 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Sep 2016 #44
What did she do? n/t RKP5637 Sep 2016 #2
She got hit by a car. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2016 #4
Kinda like Eddie Murphy being thrown out of a window,...while black. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2016 #6
It took me a while. Lol. Yes. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2016 #10
While black. nt awoke_in_2003 Sep 2016 #19
She was in a bike accident with a car jberryhill Sep 2016 #8
Question is, how do they know she was a minor? ........ W T F Sep 2016 #18
That is our big tough guys in blue protecting us. Goddamn doc03 Sep 2016 #3
"You're being detained for lack of cooperation in an investigation." Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2016 #5
A minor cannot refuse medical assistance jberryhill Sep 2016 #11
They wouldn't have done it if she was white Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2016 #14
They shouldn't have done what they did, period jberryhill Sep 2016 #16
This was an open and shut case of what we used to call "police brutality". Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2016 #17
She ran a red light and hit a car. The police were so worried about her they had to wrestle (LINK) uppityperson Sep 2016 #9
Brito speaks like a 'typical' uneducated moron.. it's all pangaia Sep 2016 #31
I worked in Hagerstown. It was not a place that liked black people. rusty quoin Sep 2016 #12
Do you see, kiddies? snort Sep 2016 #13
Stupid handling by cops, but she should be detained and sent to medical facility for evaluation pediatricmedic Sep 2016 #15
"should have transported her to a medical facility" Helen Borg Sep 2016 #21
".....should have transported her to a medical facility." pangaia Sep 2016 #32
I watched the full thing on YouTube... Helen Borg Sep 2016 #20
Really? If this was your daughter? She was handcuffed and pepper sprayed for being black. FailureToCommunicate Sep 2016 #23
If this was my underage daughter... Helen Borg Sep 2016 #24
"There was no gratuitous use of force here." Okay, you must have seen a different video. FailureToCommunicate Sep 2016 #27
The problem is that instead of taking her to a medical facility, the took her to the PD and detained appleannie1 Sep 2016 #29
Minor detail, isn't it.. DUH! pangaia Sep 2016 #33
If true, that is a serious problem... Helen Borg Sep 2016 #36
Helen, your point is well taken. Nitram Sep 2016 #26
I'm with you on this, to a point. cab67 Sep 2016 #38
The girl spoke publicly about her perspective... Helen Borg Sep 2016 #39
wow, what caring compassionte cops HAB911 Sep 2016 #22
To protect you from the consequences of a possible concusion, I'm going to... Nitram Sep 2016 #25
A possible head injury was the most important randr Sep 2016 #28
They don't need further training. pangaia Sep 2016 #34
They were so concerned they detained her at the police department. appleannie1 Sep 2016 #30
Fucking shit, man.... pangaia Sep 2016 #35
That's recommended procedure for a suspected traumatic brain injury uppityperson Sep 2016 #37
This is horrifying footage SFierro2004 Sep 2016 #40
Cop who sprayed should be fired NQA Wibly Sep 2016 #41
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