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2. He was so kick ass. That needs to be a poster, t-shirt or bumper sticker. Stand with the survivors
Thu Mar 30, 2017, 04:48 PM
Mar 2017

Sadly, half of the people there weren't standing and applauding for this gentleman. That disturbs me, this man is a hero and needs to be treated as such.

I know how gruesome the films, movies and pictures are of Death Camps. The skeletons that were somehow managed to be alive and still walking around. Those that were pushed into mass graves like garbage. School children, at the correct ages, need to be taught about history. Real history, the facts of Hitler, of Stanlin, Pol Pot, Assad and Sadam. They need to be taught what happened and why it happened, what the brought these horrors into reality.

We have allowed school districts to turn children into idiots. Giving them tablets, smart phones, tablet, laptops are toys that removes them from reality, so none of this is real and they can be taught that murder is just fine with them.

Every single year kids are in high school must see the reality of what these people have done and how they came into power. I can guarantee that 75% of high school students have no idea who Goebbels was or how he helped the machine that became the Reich and all of it's savagery.

Until we do what is right and necessary to teach our children about history and it's repetition or we will continue to go down the road of allowing sociopaths to take over our governments.

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