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You helped to get us where we are today lunamagica Dec 2018 #1
Exactly, Luna! Cha Dec 2018 #3
Hey Cha! lunamagica Dec 2018 #15
Feliz Navidad! Mele Cha Dec 2018 #16
He helped to get us as a nation to wake up to the idea of something like the ACA. People lack so JCanete Dec 2018 #5
FU Moore. You helped mightily to bring us to WhiteTara Dec 2018 #2
Yes, he did.. WhiteTara.. Cha Dec 2018 #4
ridiculous bullshit. He did however, help to get us the ACA. You remember Sicko? You remember the JCanete Dec 2018 #6
Agreed, Magoo48 Dec 2018 #7
Thank you, well stated. nt JCanete Dec 2018 #13
If you think something is wrong with people with whom you WhiteTara Dec 2018 #9
It is not that we disagree that is my issue...it is that people can decide whether or not somebody JCanete Dec 2018 #11
I don't "cast anyone out" and most people are WhiteTara Dec 2018 #14
That's not what i said. So please don't throw up about something you inferred from who knows where. JCanete Dec 2018 #21
Here's your quote WhiteTara Dec 2018 #25
Then stop talking. I'm not going to simply not respond because you want the last word when JCanete Dec 2018 #28
She did stop talking.. she doesn't need Cha Dec 2018 #33
Yeah, that's what I was doing was barking orders. That strawman's not getting too old and moldy for JCanete Dec 2018 #38
Pictures can be fun RandiFan1290 Dec 2018 #8
Yep. truth does hurt doesn't it? Boomerproud Dec 2018 #12
Moore said "the Russian Investigation was a Distraction" Cha Dec 2018 #19
Moore said the "Russian Investigation was a Distraction.." Cha Dec 2018 #18
haters gonna hate..he just happens to be right so damn often dembotoz Dec 2018 #10
Moore said the "Russian Investigation was a Cha Dec 2018 #17
He warned us about upper Midwest slipping away in 2016 dembotoz Dec 2018 #20
Too much Gaslighting Garbage comes out of his mouth.. Cha Dec 2018 #22
whatever...like i said haters gonna hate dembotoz Dec 2018 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author RandiFan1290 Dec 2018 #24
Yeah, you can't discuss Mooor's Gaslighting Garbage Cha Dec 2018 #29
no some stuff doesn't deserve a response dembotoz Dec 2018 #31
Yeah, the gaslighting garbage that comes out of Moore's Cha Dec 2018 #32
saw your first post bullshit remains bullshit but have a nice day dembotoz Dec 2018 #34
Now you can see this one.. and yes Moore Cha Dec 2018 #35
lets just call it a day...i am not gonna convice you and you sure as shit ain't gonna convice me dembotoz Dec 2018 #36
I'm not trying to "convince" you.. I know you Cha Dec 2018 #37
Still wanna play?? Ok bullshit dembotoz Dec 2018 #39
"Embracing trump" is absolutely BullShit. Cha Dec 2018 #40
where i am from his predictions are considered sage and frankly don't care what you think dembotoz Dec 2018 #41
Michael Moore on Why Posting Bail for Julian Assange is a 'True Act of Patriotism' Cha Dec 2018 #42
still posting your bullshit ...shame on you dembotoz Dec 2018 #43
Michael Moore is the epitome of BullShit Cha Dec 2018 #45
Nah I leave that up to haters dembotoz Dec 2018 #46
Moore spent all of the last 4 years justifying LuvLoogie Dec 2018 #26
I like Michael Moore and will always be grateful to him Downtown Hound Dec 2018 #27
Well said, Downtown Hound.. Thank You! Cha Dec 2018 #30
Where was he two years ago? Bashing Clinton. He's spent all his political "capital" and pity. George II Dec 2018 #44
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