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10. At the end of the day, this matter
Sat Jan 7, 2012, 06:35 PM
Jan 2012

Swells during an election year and slowly we get distracted and all matters of Cannabis gets shoved aside-We are conciliatory time and time again.
And No, Most would not notice, in part because there is a stunning majority that want Cannabis Prohibition Ended for a variety of reasons.

There is this one small step taken by the Obama admin:

I don't have the answers BUT I do believe if we do keep Obama And give him a filibuster proof Senate and a majority in the House-We would shift the conversation and the status quo outcome. The People overwhelmingly Want this and are Tired of corporate rule, loss of civil liberties and certainly, the RW definition of "smaller gov".
I actually don't care if BigPHRMA wants this as long as We have a choice to provide for ourselves or use their products. The days of corporate monopolization Must be ended.
The most dangerous element surrounding the use of Cannabis are the Laws, Rules and Policies that govern its use. Again, DE-Schedule at the federal level.

(I didn't see the same link sandwiched there-apologies)

Support full decriminalization limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #1
1 mdmc Jan 2012 #2
Exactly. Old and In the Way Jan 2012 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author 2banon Jan 2012 #14
As usual, TYT is full of crap. tridim Jan 2012 #3
With all due respect SixthSense Jan 2012 #5
To be fair to the critic ihavenobias Jan 2012 #6
How Generous of you.. 2banon Jan 2012 #16
And with "Supporters" like those... villager Jan 2012 #7
Obama supports BigPharma Monopolization of the industry. 2banon Jan 2012 #15
No, he supports the feds laying off legal MMJ. tridim Jan 2012 #17
Theres one problem-It is my understanding fredamae Jan 2012 #8
Let's be generous and say that's the case ihavenobias Jan 2012 #9
At the end of the day, this matter fredamae Jan 2012 #10
I agree the people want it ihavenobias Jan 2012 #18
While I remain somewhat naive fredamae Jan 2012 #19
K&R! 20score Jan 2012 #11
kick RainDog Jan 2012 #12
Exactly. The crackdown is all about a Full Give Away to Big Pharma 2banon Jan 2012 #13
The Drug War Industry is as entrenched as the Health Insurance grifters, neither will back off... nt dougolat Jan 2012 #20
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