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12. Hey Guess WHAT? PE Joe Biden & VPE Kamala
Sat Jan 9, 2021, 05:53 AM
Jan 2021

They Are 81 Million VOTERS BOLD

Have you Checked out Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Schumer lately? They ARE BOLD.. and So Are All of OUR WINNING DEMS.

Our Dems are Brave & BOLD..

Have you Noticed HOW BOLD Rev Warnock & Jon Ossoff & Stacey Abrams are BOLD in GEORGIA!



Biden, Pelosi and Schumer do not need to be lectured by anyone... NurseJackie Jan 2021 #1
THIS! Me. Jan 2021 #5
Biden/ Harris totally got this ! K&R Budi Jan 2021 #8
Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are great leaders and do not need help Gothmog Jan 2021 #9
Yes! brer cat Jan 2021 #10
Exactly, Jackie.. PE Biden & VPE Harris Cha Jan 2021 #14
+1 betsuni Jan 2021 #16
I have a hard time understanding the motivation AmericanCanuck Jan 2021 #17
Bazinga! George II Jan 2021 #19
+1000! mcar Jan 2021 #21
+1000 sheshe2 Jan 2021 #22
The first order of business is stabilizing the country... honest.abe Jan 2021 #2
Bernie is a one trick pony. Gary 50 Jan 2021 #6
What I was referring to was the fact that he sees everything as an issue of economic inequality. honest.abe Jan 2021 #7
His legislative record proves that out. George II Jan 2021 #20
Bazinga! NurseJackie Jan 2021 #25
All that's going on these days and he's issuing proclamations from Burlington? George II Jan 2021 #3
Democrats had a filibuster-proof majority in the senate for four months and ten days. betsuni Jan 2021 #4
I didn't watch it but based on the comments it's the same thing over and over again JI7 Jan 2021 #11
Exactly.. Cha Jan 2021 #13
He's never going to get it. betsuni Jan 2021 #15
🎵 ... never ever gonna get it! 🎵 NurseJackie Jan 2021 #24
Hey Guess WHAT? PE Joe Biden & VPE Kamala Cha Jan 2021 #12
Such displays are not helpful AmericanCanuck Jan 2021 #18
+1 sheshe2 Jan 2021 #23
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