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3. The rich
Mon Jul 10, 2023, 02:24 AM
Jul 2023

Call it stability but they want stability to prop up their own hegemony is what it is.

Desperate ignorant people are easier to
exploit,lie to,manipulate and control so the rich they want us to suffer,to struggle and to be too busy with bullshit to ever think capitalism is the problem and be unable to imagine a better way.

Most better ways involve,taxing the rich more,limiting their power and pushing them to the margins regarding their involvement and money in the political system. Ultimately they want to have it all,the control of it all and be unaccountable to anyone for what they do with all that money and power.

They want to keep thier hoarded wealth and steal limitlessly l from the lower classes forever,

Stuff like artificial scarcity ,poverty,busywork, jacking up costs,
voter suppression,racism bigotry
,religion,propaganda,boogeymen like communism,culture wars, fascism,their anti choice bullshit even abuse,rape and pedophilia& trauma reinforces the psychological suffering reinforces the fear anger and exhaustion that the rich people's twisted top down social hierarchy and endless greed and self entitlement these rich people want.

They want us poor sick, suffering and stupid and obedient based in trauma and poverty rather than have us defy them reject thier self serving hierarchies fighting for our freedom from them, for social justice,morality,empathy,love, human rights and become who we are .

Equality and genuine democracy even the idea of it strikes fear in the hearts of rich pigs and oligarchs.

Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jul 2023 #1
YW, one of Hartmann's most significant commentaries. appalachiablue Jul 2023 #2
The rich I_UndergroundPanther Jul 2023 #3
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