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Thu Dec 7, 2017, 12:04 PM Dec 2017

What was your favorite classic toy as a kid [View all]

'Tis the season. What toy did you have that was your favorite?

Others not mentioned in poll:
Matchbox Cars
Lincoln Logs
Erector Set
E-Z Bake Oven

15 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
0 (0%)
Silly Putty
1 (7%)
Magic 8 Ball
0 (0%)
Tonka Trucks
1 (7%)
Lincoln Logs
1 (7%)
Creepy Crawlers
1 (7%)
GI Joe
1 (7%)
2 (13%)
1 (7%)
7 (47%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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lincoln logs mopinko Dec 2017 #1
Dang! geardaddy Dec 2017 #2
I replaced kite with lincoln logs. geardaddy Dec 2017 #6
i loved kites, too, tho. mopinko Dec 2017 #14
Are you in the Green Bay area? geardaddy Dec 2017 #15
no. i was raised in the chicago exurbs. mopinko Dec 2017 #23
The "other Fox River" LeftInTX Dec 2017 #38
Yep. geardaddy Dec 2017 #62
I had half a slinky, but I straightened it. fleur-de-lisa Dec 2017 #3
LOL geardaddy Dec 2017 #4
I had one of these when I was around 4 or 5. I rode the wheels off it in our circle drive. Arkansas Granny Dec 2017 #5
That is cool! geardaddy Dec 2017 #7
Never thought about it like that. I know I was the only kid I knew who had one. Arkansas Granny Dec 2017 #9
Oh my gosh, I LOVE this!! blaze Dec 2017 #25
I loved my tricycle ashling Dec 2017 #59
Erector set. n/t sl8 Dec 2017 #8
Yes! And also a Chemistry set (that would be banned today). SeattleVet Dec 2017 #26
I played with the chemistry set at my friends and set their floor on fire. rusty quoin Dec 2017 #53
Never allowed MyOwnPeace Dec 2017 #60
My neighbor in the 70s had a chemistry set. geardaddy Dec 2017 #63
Picker-stickers Lindsay Dec 2017 #10
i broke my arm and was in traction for several weeks at age 10. mopinko Dec 2017 #13
Anyone have Major Matt Mason toys? One of my favorites. FSogol Dec 2017 #11
I didn't have them, but some of my neighbors did geardaddy Dec 2017 #12
I guess you've never heard of "Hot Wheels" SonofDonald Dec 2017 #16
Dang! I forgot those! geardaddy Dec 2017 #17
So did I from what I remember, when you think SonofDonald Dec 2017 #21
Remember Corgi Toys cars? geardaddy Dec 2017 #22
Yes I do, didn't they make the James Bond Austin Martin SonofDonald Dec 2017 #41
I remember the Batmobile and James Bond Austin Martin geardaddy Dec 2017 #64
My little brother had Tonka Trucks, Matchbox Cars, and Hot Wheels LeftInTX Dec 2017 #18
I'm old LOL Runningdawg Dec 2017 #19
We had all of those! geardaddy Dec 2017 #20
I've played with them all, even the Barbie. earthshine Dec 2017 #24
Big Trak stonecutter357 Dec 2017 #27
That looks cool! geardaddy Dec 2017 #29
Erector Set Binkie The Clown Dec 2017 #28
My grandpa was a wizard with exotic metals... hunter Dec 2017 #45
Real Metal Tonka Trucks lame54 Dec 2017 #30
I got this one for Christmas one year. geardaddy Dec 2017 #31
I had that one too lame54 Dec 2017 #32
I loved that crane geardaddy Dec 2017 #33
I got the Mighty Dump for Christmas Eugene Dec 2017 #55
cowboy gun belt dr.strangelove Dec 2017 #34
Them little plastic Army Men. Iggo Dec 2017 #35
We did too. geardaddy Dec 2017 #36
Easy! Floyd R. Turbo Dec 2017 #37
"You'll put your eye out, kid!" VOX Dec 2017 #49
TINKER TOYS trueblue2007 Dec 2017 #39
You forgot Mr. Potato Head! The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2017 #40
I remember those, real potatoes too. SonofDonald Dec 2017 #44
We still use a Mr. Potato Head once in a while when we feed the octopus. SeattleVet Dec 2017 #56
Cool! The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2017 #68
Oops! geardaddy Dec 2017 #65
also not mentioned in the poll ... surrealAmerican Dec 2017 #42
Damn, I'd obsess about neatly finishing at the exact point the pattern began to repeat. hunter Dec 2017 #46
Yes! geardaddy Dec 2017 #66
model toy trains , matchbox and hotwheels cars . gi joe errector set. :) AllaN01Bear Dec 2017 #43
Electric Trains that ran with a transformer... Stuart G Dec 2017 #47
Marx Play Sets: Robin Hood, Civil War, Ben-Hur... VOX Dec 2017 #48
James Bond 007 Briefcase - circa 1964 OAITW r.2.0 Dec 2017 #50
Meccano Turbineguy Dec 2017 #51
A Big Wheel? MontanaMama Dec 2017 #52
All my friends had those. geardaddy Dec 2017 #67
I liked G.I. Joes and then went to Hot Wheels. That was in the 60s. rusty quoin Dec 2017 #54
That one is a much-in-demand collectible. SeattleVet Dec 2017 #57
Breyer plastic horses. Doreen Dec 2017 #58
These? geardaddy Dec 2017 #61
Yup, those are it. Doreen Dec 2017 #69
Sorry your father was such a jerk. geardaddy Dec 2017 #70
Oh, man. I had the white stallion, mare and foal. I loved them! I saved milk carton points Nay Dec 2017 #90
That's my answer too! 50 Shades Of Blue Dec 2017 #83
Yup, I had the palomino and the white one. Doreen Dec 2017 #87
Oh, I had some of those, too! Rhiannon12866 Dec 2017 #88
Johnny 7 OMA jpak Dec 2017 #71
I would have killed to have that. geardaddy Dec 2017 #72
You'll shoot your eye out kid. jpak Dec 2017 #73
Did anybody mention Hula Hoops? FakeNoose Dec 2017 #74
Oh, hell yes. We played with them all the time. Also, has anyone mentioned yo-yos? Nay Dec 2017 #91
Yo-yo's! FakeNoose Dec 2017 #92
Electric Train red dog 1 Dec 2017 #75
Nerf football Va Lefty Dec 2017 #76
Mine was this golf game... InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2017 #77
I received a bag of coal every year. guillaumeb Dec 2017 #78
Liddle Kiddles ocd liberal Dec 2017 #79
Yo-yos, tops, erector set, mechanical toys, chemistry sets, customized bicycles. Hoyt Dec 2017 #80
Good old Hobby Horse Lunabell Dec 2017 #81
Mrs. Beasley onecaliberal Dec 2017 #82
Chemistry set and some rotating jump rope thing lostnfound Dec 2017 #84
Playmobil Pachamama Dec 2017 #85
Lego Farm shenmue Dec 2017 #86
Jacks! We played them all the time. Also, roller skates that clamped to your shoes. nt Nay Dec 2017 #89
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