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16. Yes!
Sun Dec 18, 2011, 04:42 AM
Dec 2011

We had to get up to change the channel on TV. Actually walk over to the TV to change it. And we only had 4 channels that worked. The dial only went to 13, and the ones that didn't work had snow only.

We had only one phone in the house and it was attached with a cord. You actually had to stay by the phone to talk on it. When it rant you had to go pick it up with no idea who was on the other end. If you called somebody who was not home, all you got was endless ringing. No way to leave a message unless there was someone there. And they had to write it down.

In the car all we had were radios. No record players in cars! No phones. No GPS. We had to use a map - a paper map - to find directions.

I was pulled on a sled, while my brother walked. Downwinder Dec 2011 #1
I had to walk two miles to school and home...uphill... shraby Dec 2011 #2
I onced jokingly asked my grandpa if he ever had to and his answer was classic: nadine_mn Dec 2011 #3
Only from my parents...........as a joke. CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2011 #4
I actually did have to walk a few miles from school in knee-deep snow. Chan790 Dec 2011 #5
I'm glad the trek had some enjoyment to it. steve2470 Dec 2011 #6
ditto. Ms. Toad Dec 2011 #44
I did walk about 2&1/2 miles home from school during the largest blizzard ever recorded in Chicago. abq e streeter Dec 2011 #7
Knee deep snow? Hell, that's nuthin'! deucemagnet Dec 2011 #8
haha ! nt steve2470 Dec 2011 #9
Yes! treestar Dec 2011 #16
yeah, but........ Grantuspeace Dec 2011 #17
... Jamastiene Dec 2011 #35
I never heard it from my parents, only from my husband! pacalo Dec 2011 #10
no - and my dad really did do that Skittles Dec 2011 #11
My father grew up in Laredo. According to him they didn't have anything Tyrs WolfDaemon Dec 2011 #12
LOL... My grandfather's standard was "We played with rocks" ScreamingMeemie Dec 2011 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author Bunny Dec 2011 #21
Stick = #1 among the 5 Best Toys of All Time! alterfurz Dec 2011 #28
The most old-school thing my parents ever did was this: steve2470 Dec 2011 #14
No. My parents both grew up in cities treestar Dec 2011 #15
I walked a mile and a half between drifts twice as high as I was. sarge43 Dec 2011 #18
No. I heard the "walking to school during the bombing" hobbit709 Dec 2011 #19
I used to walk barefoot through the snow to get to school. Can I get credit for that? struggle4progress Dec 2011 #20
and up hill both ways to boot.. you young whipper snapper! whistler162 Dec 2011 #22
Oh yeah, but so did my kids. I lived on THE street that was cut off for bus service. HopeHoops Dec 2011 #23
This Minnesotan did! Odin2005 Dec 2011 #24
no, but in depression era texas and oklahoma panhandle MrsBrady Dec 2011 #25
we had to follow the cattle herd to school just to keep our feet warm. blockhead Dec 2011 #26
Well, at least you had warm feet! Curmudgeoness Dec 2011 #30
My aunt said she had to walk behind the mule to plow the fields even in winter. Jamastiene Dec 2011 #37
Heard it? Hell, I've used it!!! Iggo Dec 2011 #27
My father was prone to remind us that his parents didn't have electricity until 1945, Ptah Dec 2011 #29
Yes, I heard it all the time from my parents. And it was true. And Curmudgeoness Dec 2011 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author LaurenG Dec 2011 #32
Yes, plus they had to walk uphill, in the snow, barefooted, BOTH WAYS Jamastiene Dec 2011 #33
You young'ins just have it too easy. Downwinder Dec 2011 #36
... Jamastiene Dec 2011 #38
I also grew up in Florida and walked 2 miles to school in knee-deep heat. n/t RebelOne Dec 2011 #34
Yes libodem Dec 2011 #39
My Irish grandfather told me about a blizzard in Galway when he was about 11. mulsh Dec 2011 #40
Actually, did it all the time. We liked it. Wicked snowball fights. :) MichiganVote Dec 2011 #41
I use that myself MattBaggins Dec 2011 #42
Dad said he was chased to school... Manifestor_of_Light Dec 2011 #43
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