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40. Yes. Yes. Yes. Hands Down!
Sun Sep 16, 2018, 06:51 PM
Sep 2018

I grow up in California and for all it's fruits California did not grow very good berries. Something about needing the cold. Blueberries especially were bitter and tasteless. Then I went to New Jersey, the Garden State (or Garbage State, some from some parts would call it) and my host at dinner brought this pie with funny-looking black things inside. It was so great. "What kind of pie is this?" Blueberries. Mouth dropped open and never looked back.

POLL: PIE! [View all] Equinox Moon Sep 2018 OP
Peach! blueinredohio Sep 2018 #1
Of course! Equinox Moon Sep 2018 #2
Yep. nt Laffy Kat Sep 2018 #16
Peach Wolf Frankula Sep 2018 #19
This one MissMillie Sep 2018 #36
Of course I picked key lime. Lunabell Sep 2018 #3
Yum. With a crumble crust? Equinox Moon Sep 2018 #4
Yes, Graham cracker. Lunabell Sep 2018 #6
apple with a slice of cheddar cheese. chillfactor Sep 2018 #5
Decadent! Equinox Moon Sep 2018 #8
I'm feeling banana cream Generic Brad Sep 2018 #7
Almost a coconut cream Equinox Moon Sep 2018 #12
I'll take a slice of pecan pie with Cool Whip, please! n/t Different Drummer Sep 2018 #9
Cool Whip? Yuck! Equinox Moon Sep 2018 #10
All of the Above IADEMO2004 Sep 2018 #11
"CheeseCAKE" how is that pie? Equinox Moon Sep 2018 #13
Pluto not a planet, cheesecake not cake. IADEMO2004 Sep 2018 #15
Cherry. My favorite since choldhood. CTyankee Sep 2018 #14
Boysenberry kimbutgar Sep 2018 #17
Chocolate Walnut Pie sprinkleeninow Sep 2018 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author mithnanthy Sep 2018 #20
Blueberry, please, with vanilla ice cream! Totally Tunsie Sep 2018 #21
Oh! how did I miss Blueberry! Equinox Moon Sep 2018 #22
Well, yuh... Totally Tunsie Sep 2018 #23
Ditto nt spooky3 Sep 2018 #27
Yes. Yes. Yes. Hands Down! Snellius Sep 2018 #40
Another vote for blueberry! True Dough Sep 2018 #42
Homemade pecan, slightly warmed with.... KY_EnviroGuy Sep 2018 #24
Pie buffet NotASurfer Sep 2018 #25
No, maybe it is your business? Equinox Moon Sep 2018 #35
Rhubarb! smirkymonkey Sep 2018 #26
Agreed. Rhubarb pie is IT. MontanaMama Sep 2018 #29
+1,000,000 don't even put strawberries in the same room of the rhubarb pie. Canoe52 Sep 2018 #31
French Chocolate Silk MustLoveBeagles Sep 2018 #28
Blueberry! Talitha Sep 2018 #30
Yes! caraher Sep 2018 #48
when I was THE PIE BAKER for a popular coffee house... Grasswire2 Sep 2018 #32
How is Sweet Potato not on the list? Algernon Moncrieff Sep 2018 #33
How is it different than pumpkin? Equinox Moon Sep 2018 #34
OK - first, don't ask anyone down south that question Algernon Moncrieff Sep 2018 #37
I vote for sweet potato pie as well. IrishEyes Sep 2018 #43
Fresh Peach Pie, a la mode red dog 1 Sep 2018 #38
Mincemeat! lastlib Sep 2018 #39
Elderberry, with a dash of... NeoGreen Sep 2018 #41
How is Chicken Pot Pie not on the list Algernon Moncrieff Sep 2018 #44
Awe, come-on... man... Equinox Moon Sep 2018 #45
Floor pie. GoCubsGo Sep 2018 #46
Like pizza pie...any pie is all about the crust. Tikki Sep 2018 #47
Boston Creme. edbermac Sep 2018 #49
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