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8. Three of them. Two cats and a dog.
Tue Oct 30, 2018, 10:24 AM
Oct 2018

Dog’s too big to be on our bed but the cats aren’t. They’re on our bed all day.

OMG, those eyes! Ohiogal Oct 2018 #1
Okay, that brought a tear to my eye PJMcK Oct 2018 #2
I'm sorry for your loss of Bubba. demmiblue Oct 2018 #20
Thanks for your thoughtfulness PJMcK Oct 2018 #22
(((hugs))) samnsara Oct 2018 #28
They do become our babies. nt zanana1 Oct 2018 #3
Our pets are the ultimate subversives. Today the rug on the floor, tomorrow ... marble falls Oct 2018 #4
Yep. That's about the size of it. calimary Oct 2018 #5
So you have a furry boss, too. marble falls Oct 2018 #6
Three of them. Two cats and a dog. calimary Oct 2018 #8
When my stepson was staying here he brought his dobie ... marble falls Oct 2018 #10
They're stealth masters. They always find a way into our hearts. n/t sarge43 Oct 2018 #7
This cat got to my wife's heart overnight. It took me months to get there! ... marble falls Oct 2018 #9
The feathered babies are masters of the art, too. sarge43 Oct 2018 #19
My son has a parrot he's had for over twenty years. They actually had to get therapy for ... marble falls Oct 2018 #21
Parrots often will bond with one person sarge43 Oct 2018 #32
Bees, wasps, hornets don't other me, mainly because I don't fear them ... marble falls Oct 2018 #33
You could be right about the smell. sarge43 Oct 2018 #34
Swatting movements is her speciality. Ask the kids. They still laugh about her ... marble falls Oct 2018 #35
This is not a spam ... marble falls Oct 2018 #37
He's adorable! Scarsdale Oct 2018 #11
Dogs have a way of winning you over sandensea Oct 2018 #12
Awww! What a cuddly little baby! smirkymonkey Oct 2018 #24
That's a Basset for you sandensea Oct 2018 #26
You're Lucky ProfessorGAC Oct 2018 #36
Aww. Well, you know what they say about big dogs. sandensea Oct 2018 #38
Yikes! ProfessorGAC Oct 2018 #39
I've never had a St. Bernard; but I've heard they're great company. sandensea Oct 2018 #40
Always Loved Them Too ProfessorGAC Oct 2018 #41
True. sandensea Oct 2018 #42
Loving furry friends marieo1 Oct 2018 #13
I'm in love with Franklin!!! TruckFump Oct 2018 #14
So am I! smirkymonkey Oct 2018 #25
Happy 'Gotcha' day, Franklin (and family) The Mouth Oct 2018 #15
He's beautiful Rorey Oct 2018 #16
I'm glad you and Taney had some quality time together. ZZenith Oct 2018 #31
And I was a lucky human. Rorey Oct 2018 #45
So glad you were with him at the end. Hard to do, and I know from experience. hostalover Oct 2018 #44
Hard to do, and impossible not to do Rorey Oct 2018 #46
What a heartwarming story! P.S. Quincy and Whiskers say "Hi!" hostalover Oct 2018 #17
We currently have 5 Cavalier King Charles (Which is what Franklin is) Stonepounder Oct 2018 #18
This sounds just like our house 15 years ago. Haggis for Breakfast Oct 2018 #27
ROFL Haggis!! Stonepounder Oct 2018 #29
Big chuckle! Thank you for this! hostalover Oct 2018 #43
That was great! Rorey Oct 2018 #48
Yeah, you may as well concede right at the onset. Rorey Oct 2018 #47
beautiful baby !!! Cocker spaniel mix? What a gorgeous little puppy boy trueblue2007 Oct 2018 #23
Wonderful Post.. k and r...thank you for posting this.. Stuart G Oct 2018 #30
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