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13. Except for Helen Thomas, whom I had known since my age was in single digits
Tue Nov 13, 2018, 04:11 PM
Nov 2018

I met these people knowing I was about to meet a legend. And whaddya know, they are just people like the rest of us. That made it really easy to get along with them and become friends with them. Obviously, they are not people you run into at your local Chinese restaurant and hang with, but fate has chosen my path to cross with them, and I am richer for having enjoyed their friendship. I just think of them as Helen, Theo and Stan. Theo's wife, Tamara (now also gone), once told me that being married to Theodore Bikel was two different things. At home or in private, or with friends, he was just her husband, Theo. As soon as he had a performance, he was "the legendary Theodore Bikel."

Stan was a prince of a guy, loved being out with normal mortals (wrote me an email once to say hi to my "fabulous females," meaning my wife and daughter, who garnered almost as many "who are those two?" stares at lunch in BH as he did). He even tolerated, the first time I met him, my asking him how he came up with the idea for Spider-Man. I had to have been the 1 millionth person who had asked him that. But at heart, he remained the wise-cracking jovial Jewish boy from Brooklyn that he always must have been.

You've had some marvelous friends... I bet they passed on their strength and longevity to you... hlthe2b Nov 2018 #1
You're right, I do treasure the memories DFW Nov 2018 #2
Ah, my dear DFW, I feel your loss keenly. CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2018 #3
Well you certainly DID get carried away! LOL!! DFW Nov 2018 #5
Thank you for sharing your perspective and story of your friendships... Moostache Nov 2018 #4
When I saw the news about Stan Lee I thought of you. panader0 Nov 2018 #6
The problem is that they're all just as mortal as the rest of us. DFW Nov 2018 #7
How Mr. Lieber became Stan Lee Lionel Mandrake Nov 2018 #8
What qualified as "slumming" changed even more. DFW Nov 2018 #9
I wouldn't dare to speculate on that. nt Lionel Mandrake Nov 2018 #10
No sane person would, these days. DFW Nov 2018 #11
So very interesting, your friends IRL have enriched us all bigbrother05 Nov 2018 #12
Except for Helen Thomas, whom I had known since my age was in single digits DFW Nov 2018 #13
The Great Equalizer...remembers all of us equally pbmus Nov 2018 #14
Truer words were never spoken DFW Nov 2018 #15
You already made a small difference in my life! steve2470 Nov 2018 #16
Thanks, Steve! DFW Nov 2018 #17
No apologies needed, DFW... we know how tough it is to lose friends ailsagirl Nov 2018 #18
My dad loved to listen to his Theo Bikel album, an early memory for me. JudyM Nov 2018 #19
I miss Theo, too DFW Nov 2018 #20
My dad had a fabulous voice, and loved to sing and listen to Russian folk songs JudyM Nov 2018 #21
Many old cultures have a wealth of wonderful old folk songs DFW Nov 2018 #22
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