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26. I got it out!
Tue May 11, 2021, 12:59 PM
May 2021

It rolled out pretty easily. It’s a cheap mower so it doesn’t have too many fancy safety features, I guess. It does have one that I absolutely hate: if you get up off the seat the engine cuts off. That’s a PITA when you spot a branch or rock that needs to be chucked out of the way and into the woods. No matter how much I clear debris beforehand, there’s always a few strays.

Anyhoo, before going in the shed, I made lots of noise so the foxes would move until the coast was clear. Heard them clear out and moved quickly to get the job done. Mowed the area closest to the shed first, also.

I just finished mowing (well, not really– I ran out of gas and have to go and get more... and of course, I ran out as far away from the house as possible, waaaay down by the road, and now it looks like rain. Yay! Mowing!)

Sitting on the deck now and can hear them under the shed again. What a relief!
If it doesn’t rain, I’ll get more photos of the guys this evening.

I have to keep the yard around the house pretty short or else I get lots of snakes. I do have lots of butterfly and bird friendly perennials planted. The local nursery has a ‘local wildflowers and native plants’ section that I hit up pretty hard last year when putting in the gardens.

Awesome!!! SheltieLover May 2021 #1
How wonderful! femmedem May 2021 #2
Awwww! smirkymonkey May 2021 #3
That is so cool! Mr. Evil May 2021 #4
How lucky you are! Have you seen the mom? Fla Dem May 2021 #5
Not yet... I don't think happybird May 2021 #6
Maybe you could borrow a mower Marthe48 May 2021 #16
I am taking part in "No mow May" robbob May 2021 #23
I got it out! happybird May 2021 #26
Thanks for the update Marthe48 May 2021 #37
This message was self-deleted by its author Deminpenn May 2021 #33
It's great. They're raised under my deck every year, too. JudyM May 2021 #7
It should be quite a show when the cicadas emerge! happybird May 2021 #9
Haha, yes! JudyM May 2021 #14
My husband caught a baby fox and brought it home Marthe48 May 2021 #17
Seriously interesting images in that story! JudyM May 2021 #18
I will never forget her Marthe48 May 2021 #21
Ha! He's quite a character, himself. JudyM May 2021 #36
They are much bigger than I expected, for some reason. BobTheSubgenius May 2021 #8
They look a few weeks old. Their legs are long. Cracklin Charlie May 2021 #10
I was worried at first that maybe they were coyotes happybird May 2021 #12
that is very cool. barbtries May 2021 #11
Nothing is cuter than baby bunnies! happybird May 2021 #13
They are adorable I_UndergroundPanther May 2021 #15
Just LOVE these!! ❤ Duppers May 2021 #19
There are foxes that climb trees? ShazzieB May 2021 #29
Yep. They're amazing. Duppers May 2021 #30
That is so cool! Solly Mack May 2021 #20
I really like foxes....this just made my day... turbinetree May 2021 #22
I had some in my woods The Jungle 1 May 2021 #24
Oh, they're so cute!!! Beacool May 2021 #25
Awwwwwwww, they are precious! Waiting for more pics. niyad May 2021 #27
I love them! Loryn May 2021 #28
So lovely. Thanks. ❤ nt littlemissmartypants May 2021 #31
Dr. Brian May (also guitarist of Queen) is an animal's rights activist, tavernier May 2021 #32
You're going to see a lot more! Grins May 2021 #34
Awwwwww! FirstLight May 2021 #35
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