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8. Just because you figured out that the 2nd through 5th letters are "ound"
Fri Apr 1, 2022, 09:26 AM
Apr 2022

Doesn’t mean you can only try words that have those letters in those locations. If h b f and r are candidates, think of words that use 2 or 3 of those letters so as to rule the letters in or out. (Or, if it were to exist, which it doesn’t, a word with all four of the letters.) I don’t know it it’s in the wordle dictionary of allowed words but you could try “bragh” which uses three of the letters. Or try “abhor” which also uses 3 of the 4. Maybe you find yourself in a situation where you can only find a real word that uses two of the four. So use that. You don’t have to only pick words with O as the 2nd letter, u as the 3rd letter and so on.
As an example for today’s wordle I started with a word with three vowels and two common constants. The first letter, which was a consonant, was correctly positioned and colored green. Two vowels were both orange—letters in the solution but not in the correct position. For my 2nd try I used a word with all different letters but it contained a Y and the 4h vowel. The vowel turned green and one of the consonants turned orange. So now I know all five correct letters and the correct positions for two of them. And there’s only one word to try that meets those requirements—the solution. Yes, I was a bit lucky in my guesses but the same process can be applied if the first one or two guesses aren’t so lucky. Just don’t repeat letters in your tries if you don’t have to and you can test more candidate letters in the tries you have available.

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