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If I want to watch a "scary movie," I'll watch PBS's "Frontline". no_hypocrisy Oct 2022 #1
I like the old Universal monster movies. Hard pass on today's Halloween & Saw -type stuff. Gidney N Cloyd Oct 2022 #2
I don't like the violent or gory ones. I do like them if the scary stuff is psychological Ocelot II Oct 2022 #3
That's me. Good, we'll made psychological horror is great. nolabear Oct 2022 #14
I used to love them, but now the repug party is so scary that it's difficult to watch Ferrets are Cool Oct 2022 #4
I've become more selective in recent years EYESORE 9001 Oct 2022 #5
Monsters yes; Slashers no. dameatball Oct 2022 #6
No slasher flicks. Lunabell Oct 2022 #7
I voted no Genki Hikari Oct 2022 #8
no. with very few exceptions. IcyPeas Oct 2022 #9
Which years did you like? I've seen a few but not all. nolabear Oct 2022 #15
I was late to the series. I started with Freak Show IcyPeas Oct 2022 #25
Cool. Thanks! I liked Freak Show too. nolabear Oct 2022 #29
Yeah, it was terrifying! Maybe I'll go back and watch the rest. IcyPeas Oct 2022 #30
Yeah I'll pass there too. It's tough enough as it is. nolabear Oct 2022 #33
Living life is scary enough for me. mysteryowl Oct 2022 #10
Not that kind of scary iemanja Oct 2022 #11
I need a precise definition of what you mean by "scary" Coventina Oct 2022 #12
I mostly like horror movies. Niagara Oct 2022 #13
Do you like the mainstream Japanese ones? nolabear Oct 2022 #17
I'm not a fan of the Japanese horror movies. Niagara Oct 2022 #18
Not the gory ones. I like ones with ghosts. Luciferous Oct 2022 #16
Have you watched What Lies Beneath? Niagara Oct 2022 #19
Thats a good one. milestogo Oct 2022 #20
Yeah, that one was pretty good. And the house was gorgeous as well 🙂 Luciferous Oct 2022 #22
I'm the one who voted "other" because wnylib Oct 2022 #21
I don't like gore; I prefer suspenseful movies. Mad_Dem_X Oct 2022 #23
As said above, love scary movies, just not slasher bloody kind. a kennedy Oct 2022 #24
I like classic horror films. The last two nights we watched The Haunting and The Birds. GumboYaYa Oct 2022 #26
Have you seen Bette Davis movie The Nanny? IcyPeas Oct 2022 #32
The Wytch is more like my style of scary... Chakaconcarne Oct 2022 #27
Don't watch many movies at all... Wounded Bear Oct 2022 #28
I can't watch vampire movies - they gross me out FakeNoose Oct 2022 #31
Rarely, if they're well-written. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2022 #34
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