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21. I'm the one who voted "other" because
Tue Oct 25, 2022, 07:23 AM
Oct 2022

I have qualifiers like other posters have mentioned.

I like good psychological "scary" movies" like The Shining (prefer King's movie version), and other ghost stories that have an actual plot and are not made just for the scare factor. Do not like any of the Halloween series or similar films which are just a bunch of cheap, sudden scare scenes strung together with barely a plot.

If I want to watch a "scary movie," I'll watch PBS's "Frontline". no_hypocrisy Oct 2022 #1
I like the old Universal monster movies. Hard pass on today's Halloween & Saw -type stuff. Gidney N Cloyd Oct 2022 #2
I don't like the violent or gory ones. I do like them if the scary stuff is psychological Ocelot II Oct 2022 #3
That's me. Good, we'll made psychological horror is great. nolabear Oct 2022 #14
I used to love them, but now the repug party is so scary that it's difficult to watch Ferrets are Cool Oct 2022 #4
I've become more selective in recent years EYESORE 9001 Oct 2022 #5
Monsters yes; Slashers no. dameatball Oct 2022 #6
No slasher flicks. Lunabell Oct 2022 #7
I voted no Genki Hikari Oct 2022 #8
no. with very few exceptions. IcyPeas Oct 2022 #9
Which years did you like? I've seen a few but not all. nolabear Oct 2022 #15
I was late to the series. I started with Freak Show IcyPeas Oct 2022 #25
Cool. Thanks! I liked Freak Show too. nolabear Oct 2022 #29
Yeah, it was terrifying! Maybe I'll go back and watch the rest. IcyPeas Oct 2022 #30
Yeah I'll pass there too. It's tough enough as it is. nolabear Oct 2022 #33
Living life is scary enough for me. mysteryowl Oct 2022 #10
Not that kind of scary iemanja Oct 2022 #11
I need a precise definition of what you mean by "scary" Coventina Oct 2022 #12
I mostly like horror movies. Niagara Oct 2022 #13
Do you like the mainstream Japanese ones? nolabear Oct 2022 #17
I'm not a fan of the Japanese horror movies. Niagara Oct 2022 #18
Not the gory ones. I like ones with ghosts. Luciferous Oct 2022 #16
Have you watched What Lies Beneath? Niagara Oct 2022 #19
Thats a good one. milestogo Oct 2022 #20
Yeah, that one was pretty good. And the house was gorgeous as well 🙂 Luciferous Oct 2022 #22
I'm the one who voted "other" because wnylib Oct 2022 #21
I don't like gore; I prefer suspenseful movies. Mad_Dem_X Oct 2022 #23
As said above, love scary movies, just not slasher bloody kind. a kennedy Oct 2022 #24
I like classic horror films. The last two nights we watched The Haunting and The Birds. GumboYaYa Oct 2022 #26
Have you seen Bette Davis movie The Nanny? IcyPeas Oct 2022 #32
The Wytch is more like my style of scary... Chakaconcarne Oct 2022 #27
Don't watch many movies at all... Wounded Bear Oct 2022 #28
I can't watch vampire movies - they gross me out FakeNoose Oct 2022 #31
Rarely, if they're well-written. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2022 #34
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