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Sat Oct 29, 2022, 02:29 PM Oct 2022

Paranormal experiences? [View all]

Have you had any paranormal experiences?
The veil is thin at this time of year, so paranormal experiences are more prevalent.
If so, please share.

26 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
I personally have had a paranormal experience
17 (65%)
I have not, but want to
3 (12%)
I have gone to places trying to have an experience
0 (0%)
Not my thing at all
6 (23%)
It scares me, just go away with this talk
0 (0%)
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Paranormal experiences? [View all] mysteryowl Oct 2022 OP
Paranormal experiences do not mean that supernatural phenomena exist. They do not exist. nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2022 #1
I woke after an afternoon nap to a young man petting my cat Lucy. Lunabell Oct 2022 #2
Oh, that's a good one! Bayard Oct 2022 #8
All true. Lunabell Oct 2022 #11
That sounds plausible to me Bayard Oct 2022 #21
That's an Amazng story with so many coraborations from others! electric_blue68 Oct 2022 #24
Yeah, I have had a lot of strange experiences. Lunabell Oct 2022 #29
I'd say so! Let's you that one off your list of experiences! 🤞 electric_blue68 Oct 2022 #30
I don't know if it's paranormal or not. You decide... mitch96 Oct 2022 #3
I have had experiences that I personally cannot explain entirely ColinC Oct 2022 #4
Question about your story about the dimes hitting your head and then dropping onto the ground highplainsdem Oct 2022 #23
So I was alone by myself indoors ColinC Nov 2022 #33
Thanks for explaining! What a weird event! It does sound like two of the dates on highplainsdem Nov 2022 #42
Still hoping to hear more about your personal experience. But out of idle curiosity, I googled highplainsdem Nov 2022 #32
One major thing happened the day of the dimes ColinC Nov 2022 #35
That does sound similar. I'm so glad I did that googling and found both highplainsdem Nov 2022 #43
Also this is probably unrelated but yesterday when walking home ColinC Nov 2022 #37
None here but am fascinated with it ....... Lovie777 Oct 2022 #5
People are too arrogant to admit that they don't have all of the answers, so they invent them. Chainfire Oct 2022 #6
I moved to Cincinnati in the early 90's Bayard Oct 2022 #7
What counts as paranormal? RockRaven Oct 2022 #9
What do ya got? mysteryowl Oct 2022 #10
When I was a kid, we were driving through Missouri. Lunabell Oct 2022 #12
Only one. I dreamed RFK was dead the night he was killed. nolabear Oct 2022 #13
I worked with an RN in the mid 70's mnhtnbb Oct 2022 #14
I can imagine. My friend switched to psychiatry. nolabear Oct 2022 #17
Huh. My friend switched to L&D, then to Administration mnhtnbb Oct 2022 #18
See my post #26 ... electric_blue68 Oct 2022 #27
I've got a couple: LudwigPastorius Oct 2022 #15
Thread from late June about DUers' personal experiences of the paranormal: highplainsdem Oct 2022 #16
We moved into an apartment that was the first to be refurbished intheflow Oct 2022 #19
I have only had a few experiences in my life. Niagara Oct 2022 #20
Terrible Movies... JCMach1 Oct 2022 #22
The night my dad died... Fix The Stupid Oct 2022 #25
Two about RFK June 5 & 6, 1968... electric_blue68 Oct 2022 #26
Oh my. So similar to mine. nolabear Oct 2022 #28
Ohhh, boy the Deep South with no liked minded people around you! How lonely... electric_blue68 Oct 2022 #31
I'm so sorry you lost your mother shortly before MLK and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated. How highplainsdem Nov 2022 #34
You're the second person I know who was there. nolabear Nov 2022 #38
How traumatic that must've been for your friend in the audience that night, highplainsdem Nov 2022 #40
Ah. I did misunderstand. nolabear Nov 2022 #41
I don't believe in them, but frogmarch Nov 2022 #36
"I thought you said "goat"!" Floyd R. Turbo Nov 2022 #39
Old joke, but a good one. highplainsdem Nov 2022 #44
😁 Floyd R. Turbo Nov 2022 #48
I find it amusing reading these stories ... entire LIFETIMES where something 'paranormal' could've Hugh_Lebowski Nov 2022 #45
Ahh, but these are happening all the time... mysteryowl Nov 2022 #52
I literally had a trippy-ass coincidence happen just today. Hugh_Lebowski Nov 2022 #53
If you're REALLY curious - as opposed to really interested in ridiculing any discussion highplainsdem Nov 2022 #54
I never said because it happened once ... it didn't happen. Hugh_Lebowski Nov 2022 #55
Sigh. The experiences in this thread aren't just "trippy coincidences." highplainsdem Nov 2022 #57
You mean like, say, my girlfriend, the physician assistant who did hospice care for over a year? Hugh_Lebowski Nov 2022 #58
The key word in what she told you is "instantly." highplainsdem Nov 2022 #59
Maybe there were machines running who's tone changes when the person dies Hugh_Lebowski Nov 2022 #61
Mortician for 15 years berniesandersmittens Nov 2022 #46
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Nov 2022 #47
Hi Lucinda mysteryowl Nov 2022 #51
When I was around eight I woke up at night to see giant rabbit ears in the window. milestogo Nov 2022 #49
Hilarious mysteryowl Nov 2022 #50
It was the curtains, actually. milestogo Nov 2022 #56
Yes, my FIL stubbornly haunted the hell out of his house, starting the night after his funeral. betsuni Nov 2022 #60
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