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34. The problem with chatbots providing misinformation, as opposed to some sites you can get
Tue Apr 11, 2023, 07:41 AM
Apr 2023

with an internet search providing misinformation, is that the chatbot simplifies the information and often doesn't provide its sources, which it often gets wrong or invents when it does offer them (real authors and reference librarians are already getting tired of having to explain to ChatGPT users that an article or book cited or even quoted by ChatGPT doesn't exist; and businesses are hearing from people wanting products that don't exist but ChatGPT says they sell). And ChatGPT offers people that misinformation in convincing, authoritative prose. When the information comes directly from a trusted source, or a source known to be untrustworthy, people can decide which to trust, rather than letting the chatbot results decide for them.

When Microsoft first introduced Bing AI a couple of months ago (this was before it went haywire in so many extended conversations that MS had to severely limit how long it could interact with users, and on which subjects), it churned out initially impressive results. Initially impressive because no one checked them right away. So MS was spared what happened with Google when their Bard AI had its mistakes caught immediately, and Google stock nosedived. It was only later that those Bing demo results were checked and the media finally let people know Bing had been critiquing a vacuum for having too short a cord when it was in fact cordless, recommending restaurants that didn't exist, etc. It had sounded convincing, and that was all it took to sway most people looking at the results.

It's difficult to fact-check. Difficult and time-consuming.

Btw, if the internet starts to fill up with chatbot-generated mistakes and deliberate misinformation (which chatbots are great for, and they can make even a Lauren Boebert sound superficially intelligent), then it won't be a Brave New World. It will be a Marching Morons New World. An Idiocracy. And that's going to hurt Democrats and liberals much more than it will hurt authoritarians and their followers.

Look at these PJMcK Apr 2023 #1
you left out Conjuay Apr 2023 #21
Objectivity PJMcK Apr 2023 #23
Ok Lithos Apr 2023 #2
Check your library for "Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life" by Anne Lamott Lettuce Be Apr 2023 #3
Great book AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2023 #14
I was going to recommend this book as well... Phentex Apr 2023 #15
around here NJCher Apr 2023 #4
one more thought NJCher Apr 2023 #7
. . . and hers was one of the Not Heidi Apr 2023 #9
There's a ton of info on that & I'm sure, specifically how to write memoirs. CrispyQ Apr 2023 #5
I would recommend several books on writing by Natalie Goldberg, specificly one on writing memoir. royable Apr 2023 #6
Possible (Writing) Tools As Assistants Ahna KneeMoose Apr 2023 #8
What? Not Microsoft Word? Not Heidi Apr 2023 #10
Ahh, Err, Umm, Actually (then Seriously?) (Okay then!) (n/t) Ahna KneeMoose Apr 2023 #11
The latest MS-Office, which includes Word, provides direct access to the MS AI writing assistants. Earth-shine Apr 2023 #26
Just start writing. Worry about getting it into final, publishable form highplainsdem Apr 2023 #12
I'm a retired professional writer. Earth-shine Apr 2023 #13
Really? AI? Not Heidi Apr 2023 #17
You can't copyright AI illustrations. There's already a court ruling highplainsdem Apr 2023 #18
I can certainly see how AI-written stories would piss off editors of creative writing mags, but ... Earth-shine Apr 2023 #25
I've posted a number of threads in General Discussion on magazines highplainsdem Apr 2023 #29
"In which case they don't deserve readers." Earth-shine Apr 2023 #31
The problem with chatbots providing misinformation, as opposed to some sites you can get highplainsdem Apr 2023 #34
You are now very far from the OP. Earth-shine Apr 2023 #35
We're on the subject of AI because you highplainsdem Apr 2023 #36
I think of AI for more of a memories book like Story Pro... Phentex Apr 2023 #19
That's what Carol Burnett intended Not Heidi Apr 2023 #37
It is fully originated by the user, not the AI. Earth-shine Apr 2023 #24
No, a rough draft from a chatbot isn't fully originated by the person highplainsdem Apr 2023 #27
The difference is between what would be acceptable for small-scale publishing and what one might Earth-shine Apr 2023 #30
I agree that big business doesn't care, and a lot of companies are already implementing AI highplainsdem Apr 2023 #32
Absolutely Consider All Wordages From 'highplainsdem' (Just Above) Ahna KneeMoose Apr 2023 #16
Elders Not Heidi Apr 2023 #38
Understood - And Thank You For Your Kind Response (n/t) Ahna KneeMoose Apr 2023 #39
Am same as you. But best internet advice from successful types: Just DO IT UTUSN Apr 2023 #20
It would be difficult for me as I approach the end of life. Chainfire Apr 2023 #22
Just fiction... Sorry Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2023 #28
No, but this guy does: lastlib Apr 2023 #33
Two LudwigPastorius Apr 2023 #40
I put the question to ChatGPT. Here's the reply intrepidity Apr 2023 #41
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