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Ah, Intercourse, Pa. Charging Triceratops Nov 2023 #1
Blue Balls also, isn't there? AZSkiffyGeek Nov 2023 #5
It's Blue Ball, dammit! malthaussen Nov 2023 #22
I have, but I always forget AZSkiffyGeek Nov 2023 #34
There is a Climax, GA also. Lochloosa Nov 2023 #6
Climax, Michigan too. Emile Nov 2023 #12
Yep, driven through there years ago DetroitLegalBeagle Nov 2023 #27
There's also a Cumming, GA. Dulcinea Nov 2023 #39
Me too, Wasn;t it the Shakers that lived there? debm55 Nov 2023 #18
It is near Mount Joy and Bird-in-Hand appleannie1 Nov 2023 #20
Two of my favorite town names. I always wanted to know who the hell Joy was. n/t malthaussen Nov 2023 #23
I forgot about Lititz. It is another German town. appleannie1 Nov 2023 #26
And of course Gobbler's Knob isn't the name of an actual town Clash City Rocker Nov 2023 #32
"I was looking for Paradise & found Intercourse" Dulcinea Nov 2023 #42
Beaver, Colorado where the liquor store is named Beaver Liquors Hotler Nov 2023 #2
Pa has a Beaver also as well as a neighbor Beaver Falls. appleannie1 Nov 2023 #25
They also had a Beaver College, which was, I shit you not, a woman's school... malthaussen Nov 2023 #30
What a coincidence Zambero Nov 2023 #3
Miccosukee FL is not pronounced where it sounds lewd. Lochloosa Nov 2023 #4
And it's "Kis-sim-ee" Conjuay Nov 2023 #46
I'm staying the hell out of Louisiana. LuckyCharms Nov 2023 #7
😆 underpants Nov 2023 #9
I was dubious about the existence of Humptulips, WA EYESORE 9001 Nov 2023 #8
I use to live down the road from Hell, multigraincracker Nov 2023 #10
French Lick Emile Nov 2023 #11
Grew up ca 25 miles from Kiester MN. zeusdogmom Nov 2023 #13
Judged BBQ in Butts County, also Cumming, GA... Phentex Nov 2023 #14
That's funny. underpants Nov 2023 #15
Somebody's got to do it Phentex Nov 2023 #47
Easy to have fun, even with a road map: thucythucy Nov 2023 #16
Fizzleville, Ohio SamKnause Nov 2023 #17
Hell, Michigan rogerballard Nov 2023 #19
Virginville is cooler than Intercourse, IMO. malthaussen Nov 2023 #21
Athol, NY WestMichRad Nov 2023 #24
No Morehead? Midnight Writer Nov 2023 #28
Those are funny. PeePee Township in Ohio ? debm55 Nov 2023 #29
Big Bone Lick Kentucky isn't far from the town of Beaver Lick, Ky. MichMan Nov 2023 #31
Never been to Rough&Ready but IIRC, they "seceeded" from the Union in 1850 RockRaven Nov 2023 #33
Assawoman, Virginia Dave in VA Nov 2023 #35
How could I have forgotten that underpants Nov 2023 #38
Bald Knob, Arkansas Emile Nov 2023 #36
Fillmore Virgin Beaver............ Stainless Nov 2023 #37
I will the next time I am in that part of the state Redleg Nov 2023 #41
Big Bone Lick in KY is just 25 minutes from my home Redleg Nov 2023 #40
Licking, Missouri. retread Nov 2023 #43
California also has a town named Weed and another named Cool. n/t Mr.Bill Nov 2023 #44
So close... North Shore Chicago Nov 2023 #45
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