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13. We recently attended a show in Los Angeles (Boyle Heights) of a band I have desperately been wanting to see.
Sat Nov 25, 2023, 06:16 PM
Nov 2023

The band POWERPLANT, a synth-punk band, is a young band from London and this was their First U S Tour.


I knew I would be buying more t shirts, and whatever. I did.
The ticket price for the show at a neighborhood pool hall with a small stage was $15.00. The place held about 200 capacity.

I wanted to see this band for the last five years. The show was amazing.
Before and after the show, many if not most in attendance bought t-shirts, vinyl, badges and whatever.

There were three other bands there. I wasn’t familiar with their music but took the time to check them out before the show.

I, also, bought something from one of the other bands.
All together with a beer my husband bought we spent $85 that included the show tickets.

The Tikkis
P s . We are older than the crowd and at least two young men came and talked to my husband for quite a while and both bought him a beer.
These Younger Generations are amazing.
I mostly only go see live music in Mr.Bill Nov 2023 #1
we thank you for your support! nt msongs Nov 2023 #2
Sometimes I think music Mr.Bill Nov 2023 #3
and aren't you nice to say so! justaprogressive Nov 2023 #4
And I've never met a musician at one of these small venues Mr.Bill Nov 2023 #7
Our band would have saved you money! justaprogressive Nov 2023 #8
Our Band Barely Did ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #17
Really? OldBaldy1701E Nov 2023 #18
Not Me ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #20
Yup. OldBaldy1701E Nov 2023 #21
Same Here ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #16
Taylor Swift's actually really good. Elessar Zappa Nov 2023 #10
I didn't mean to berate her in any way. Mr.Bill Nov 2023 #14
right there with you. almost word for word. stopdiggin Nov 2023 #12
Thanks for the suggestion. Mr.Bill Nov 2023 #15
A longtime local pro has told us about how often they are asked to play for free. Someone with a new venue brewens Nov 2023 #5
Showcases! justaprogressive Nov 2023 #6
There was a club owner in the San Francisco Bay Area Mr.Bill Nov 2023 #11
This is a tough field. My grandfather and uncle were musicians, at the Grand Ol' Opry, and my SWBTATTReg Nov 2023 #9
We recently attended a show in Los Angeles (Boyle Heights) of a band I have desperately been wanting to see. Tikki Nov 2023 #13
Thank capitalism. OldBaldy1701E Nov 2023 #19
there was one golden moment when tech conspired with talent to produce for many music people msongs Nov 2023 #22
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