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Cheese Puffs LoisB Feb 4 #1
Agree, LoiseB, and the leave that orange stuff all over your fingers. TY debm55 Feb 4 #3
A personal weakness of mine EYESORE 9001 Feb 4 #24
That's ok. I am thinking about getting help to get off Lay's potato chips. nt LoisB Feb 4 #29
Salt and vinegar or cracked pepper ONG EYESORE 9001 Feb 4 #33
That is gross. debm55 Feb 4 #45
It's almost 11:00 PM and I'm giggling like an idiot. Probatim Feb 4 #55
PEX and Sharkbites pay for themselves... Thunderbeast Feb 5 #64
TY Thunderbeast I agree/ debm55 Feb 5 #146
LOL! No, just the plain old Classic Chips. LoisB Feb 5 #59
Hi, my name is LoisB and I am addicted to Lay's potato chips. ty debm55 Feb 4 #44
Step 1 LoisB Feb 5 #60
Hahahahahahhaha good luck LoisB debm55 Feb 5 #85
Hi, my name is EYESORE 9001 and I am addicted to cheese balls. debm55 Feb 4 #43
I'm up to step 9 on that EYESORE 9001 Feb 5 #70
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA/ I should have put Lays chips for you. debm55 Feb 5 #86
I'll take a step 9 chip instead EYESORE 9001 Feb 5 #91
In the same boat with you KS Toronado Feb 4 #54
The guys in my family give me a bag of Cheetos (puffs not crunchy) MontanaMama Feb 5 #104
We buy the crunchy here, Gut I don,'t eat either debm55 Feb 5 #105
Yes, and Doritos are in the same camp for me... consider_this Feb 4 #52
Agree debm55 Feb 5 #106
I taught my dog to sit, lie, & stay one afternoon, with the help from a bag of Cheetos. -nt CrispyQ Feb 5 #118
OMG that is funny. Was his pooh orange? debm55 Feb 5 #123
Hubs has poo patrol, not me. CrispyQ Feb 5 #132
Lucky you.HAHAHHAAHHAH debm55 Feb 5 #147
Yep, you nailed it. Those orange horrors are the epitome of junk food. brush Feb 5 #178
Careful, we may have to take you to junk-food rehab with us. LoisB Feb 5 #182
Slim Jims Tyche Feb 4 #2
Same here, I always wondered what exactly they were made of. Teen age boys love them. Ty debm55 Feb 4 #4
Trucker food TexasBushwhacker Feb 4 #51
They look like dog food sticks--puperoni debm55 Feb 5 #87
Really awful EYESORE 9001 Feb 4 #26
But teen like them. debm55 Feb 5 #88
There's no accounting for taste EYESORE 9001 Feb 5 #90
Never really got into them, but I loved the commercials with Macho Man Randy Savage. ificandream Feb 5 #95
yuk debm55 Feb 5 #97
I agree, Twinkies are awful! But I'll take them over any kind of dark chocolate candy (especially if it 50 Shades Of Blue Feb 4 #5
I like milk chocolate with hazenuts. Don't like Dark Chocolate anthing. debm55 Feb 4 #7
I crave teh dark EYESORE 9001 Feb 4 #10
I crave the milk.chocolate. debm55 Feb 4 #12
At least EYESORE 9001 Feb 4 #21
Those I like and I will fight you for them debm55 Feb 5 #89
This may not qualify as junk food, but I sure do consider it as such EYESORE 9001 Feb 4 #6
EYESORE 9001, I remember the Red Devil canned deviled ham. I opened it to place on my crackers. It had a ghastly look debm55 Feb 4 #9
My boys loved those too! Tyche Feb 4 #20
Yeah, my brother and I used to get deviled ham on white bread sandwiches sometimes. LudwigPastorius Feb 4 #41
I have made my own with left over ham. But the Red Devil canned ham was awful. You can buy at the deli section of the debm55 Feb 4 #47
I guess my mom thought we really liked it, because at one point, she... LudwigPastorius Feb 4 #58
Now that's good eatin' EYESORE 9001 Feb 5 #71
There are actually two kinds to make---deviled ham amd ham spreat. Pme is made with ham and the othe other with debm55 Feb 5 #92
I've had bologna salad too EYESORE 9001 Feb 5 #94
Agree debm55 Feb 5 #96
Underwood Deviled Ham. Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 5 #167
TY Prof. Toru Tanaka. Didn't know about the chicken spread. I don't think I would like it. debm55 Feb 5 #168
Chicharrones (fried pork skins) yellowdogintexas Feb 4 #8
yellowdogintexas ,Ty, are there any bit of pork in them? debm55 Feb 4 #11
It's pork skin and nothing else but salt and/or seasonings EYESORE 9001 Feb 4 #18
In my redneck yoot, I was treated to cracklins EYESORE 9001 Feb 4 #14
Cracklins. sounds like the pig ears I give Dolly dog. And people eat that as a snack.? TY debm55 Feb 4 #25
It's not ears EYESORE 9001 Feb 4 #28
thank you for explaining cracklin's. I used to watch the neighbor's hired hand yellowdogintexas Feb 6 #194
In my book,... LudwigPastorius Feb 5 #61
Sounds nasty, debm55 Feb 5 #98
Disgusting CommonHumanity Feb 5 #153
Ty CommonHumanity. debm55 Feb 5 #155
Licorice (the black stuff) Angleae Feb 4 #13
I can relate EYESORE 9001 Feb 4 #15
Agree. I like anise slightly mixrd in cookie dough. I don't think I ever had horehound candy. TY debm55 Feb 4 #22
I so agree. , Angleae. The taste is yuk. I like the cherry better. TY Angleae debm55 Feb 4 #17
"Licorice is the liver of candies" blm Feb 4 #30
Good one! Nt spooky3 Feb 4 #37
agree debm55 Feb 5 #101
I love a particular form of licorice nocoincidences Feb 5 #80
learn somesthing new everyday in the 'lounge debm55 Feb 5 #102
Smith Bros. licorice cough drops Jilly_in_VA Feb 5 #126
Agree Jilly. I liked the Smith Brothers cherry cough drops. though I a always considered them candy and did nothing for debm55 Feb 5 #148
I preferred Luden's Jilly_in_VA Feb 5 #175
Me too the honey lemon was better for a cough and didn't taste like candy. TY debm55 Feb 5 #177
Amen! Licorice is the devil's dental floss! nolabear Feb 5 #191
HAHAHAHAHA so true isn't TY debm55 Feb 5 #193
Definitely has to be True Dough Feb 4 #16
HAHAHAHAHAH. you are funny True Dough; I only ate once and my urine stunk the next day. Ty debm55 Feb 4 #19
Asparagus will do that too True Dough Feb 4 #23
I agree with the asparagus. Mother always made for Easter dinner. And the urine smells was terrible. You are right debm55 Feb 4 #31
Here's a helpful hint EYESORE 9001 Feb 5 #93
Circus peanuts nt spooky3 Feb 4 #27
Agree,agree agree. those nasty things fit all the basis-smell. color. taste. Ty spooky 3 debm55 Feb 4 #32
I'd rather eat 50 Brussels sprouts than 1 circus peanut :-) nt spooky3 Feb 4 #35
Why do you hate circus peanuts do much? debm55 Feb 4 #48
Probably ate too many of them one Halloween in my childhood :-) nt spooky3 Feb 5 #66
TY spooky3 debm55 Feb 5 #108
My friend loved them Mopar151 Feb 4 #50
You can't convince me that circus peanuts aren't really clown fingers. LudwigPastorius Feb 5 #63
lol spooky3 Feb 5 #67
HAHAHAHAHA Aren't they marshmallows? debm55 Feb 5 #109
Sure,... LudwigPastorius Feb 5 #183
Oh you. debm55 Feb 5 #188
Yes, circus peanuts! Just awful. My dad liked them. Diamond_Dog Feb 5 #79
That's funny Diamond_Dog. debm55 Feb 5 #111
oh those things are so gross; also candy corn nt yellowdogintexas Feb 6 #195
Hard to choose which is worse. Nt spooky3 Feb 6 #197
Papaya. MOMFUDSKI Feb 4 #34
Oh gosh, you must have gotten a bad one. I love them. Nt spooky3 Feb 4 #36
What does a good one MOMFUDSKI Feb 4 #38
Sweet, a little like cantaloupe nt spooky3 Feb 4 #40
I think you did because they are great. TY MOMFUDSKI debm55 Feb 5 #149
I prefer them when they're green EYESORE 9001 Feb 5 #100
Gummie anything. Bleah... plus the cost of the dental work. n/t TygrBright Feb 4 #39
Agree TygrBright. I hate them and the fact the get stuck in your teeth --double yuk debm55 Feb 5 #150
Pepperoni sticks Zambero Feb 4 #42
Agree Zambero. Nasty debm55 Feb 5 #151
Any candy with coconut. Mr.Bill Feb 4 #49
TY Mr.Bill, I don"t ; like roasted coconuts. But I do like Snowballs. debm55 Feb 5 #154
Generally I don't like coconut, Mr.Bill Feb 5 #163
TY Mr.Bill, coconut shrimp shrimp is great. debm55 Feb 5 #165
anything served at McDonalds DBoon Feb 4 #53
Agree DBoon TY debm55 Feb 5 #157
Aerosol cheese. LudwigPastorius Feb 4 #56
TY LudwigPastorius. when I was a kid, we would squirt on our hot dogs. Thinking back yuk. debm55 Feb 5 #158
Glad you saw the light! LudwigPastorius Feb 5 #184
I know , but it was the thing back then. debm55 Feb 5 #189
Twinkies IA8IT Feb 4 #57
Agree, IA8IT. Nasty debm55 Feb 5 #159
Funyuns. MontanaFarmer Feb 5 #62
Agree MontanaFarmer/ They are terrible. debm55 Feb 5 #145
Hostess Snowballs Thunderbeast Feb 5 #65
Oh no, I loved those. I think I'm the only one who did. Nt spooky3 Feb 5 #68
My favorite snack cakes are Snowballs. A local bakery had doc03 Feb 5 #81
I liked Hostess Snowballs. They came in Pink for Valentines Day amd Green for St.Patricks Day.Yummy debm55 Feb 5 #82
Those I liked debm55 Feb 5 #144
Two words I have never seen at Democratic Underground........"Circus Peanuts" Stuart G Feb 5 #69
Stuart G, I double dog dare you to taste one and you will know what we are talking about. debm55 Feb 5 #113
The worst for me lately was some "four cheese" snack crackers. Chainfire Feb 5 #72
Agree Chainfire, they are nasty. debm55 Feb 5 #143
Cinema Popcorn parkia00 Feb 5 #73
I rec'ed your reply! Niagara Feb 5 #75
Both or just one? debm55 Feb 5 #119
I use to eat plain popcorn, Debbie. I just can't the smell of buttered popcorn at the movie theater. Niagara Feb 5 #176
TY the butter smell is nasty debm55 Feb 5 #180
Worked briefly at a theater and our popcorn was pretty good. ificandream Feb 5 #99
Agree parkia00. The whole movie cinema experience was terrible. Especially the fake butter debm55 Feb 5 #142
The garbage plate, sometimes called trash plate. Niagara Feb 5 #74
Niagara, just reading about it makes me sick. debm55 Feb 5 #140
Sour patch kids and other sour candy Freddie Feb 5 #76
Agree with both--the sour candy and the slim jims. And they do look like dog treats. Ty Freedie debm55 Feb 5 #137
Zingers Alpeduez21 Feb 5 #77
Agree they were crap. debm55 Feb 5 #121
Does anyone remember CMYK Feb 5 #78
TY CMYK, when did they come out? They sound horrible. debm55 Feb 5 #83
1960's CMYK Feb 5 #169
Ty debm55 Feb 5 #170
Would Hormel Potted Meat Product qualify as junk food or just plain doc03 Feb 5 #84
Both debm55 Feb 5 #120
McDonalds justaprogressive Feb 5 #103
Very True, justaprogressive. debm55 Feb 5 #112
Funnel cakes TlalocW Feb 5 #107
Oh I still like them. debm55 Feb 5 #114
funnel cakes are a staple of all street fairs, carnivals and other such events yellowdogintexas Feb 6 #196
Awesome Blossoms.----those fried onion flowers. Used to like them, debm55 Feb 5 #115
cherrios , i cant stand the smell. reises pecies . AllaN01Bear Feb 5 #116
Ty you AllaN01Bear. Agree. I only eat rice Chex. debm55 Feb 5 #117
Pringles. malthaussen Feb 5 #122
TY Mal, they are very salty and just don;t taste right. debm55 Feb 5 #125
Candy corn and Tootsie Rolls. Ocelot II Feb 5 #124
Ty Ocelot II I made that for school. Vanialla pudding and crushed vanilla cookies. The tootsies really look like cat debm55 Feb 5 #129
Rice Krispies Treats Jilly_in_VA Feb 5 #130
TY Hated them two. Never went to homes that gave them out for Halloween. There was also a rice puff ball that I hated debm55 Feb 5 #134
Sweetened Styrofoam. Ick. Ocelot II Feb 5 #135
If you get any Tootsie Rolls send them to me Freddie Feb 5 #152
I could send you some cat poo, since I can't easily tell the difference, Ocelot II Feb 5 #171
They do look like cat poo as it has the lines. debm55 Feb 5 #173
Sorry if I marked something as violating a rule EverHopeful Feb 5 #127
I didn't see you breal a rule. You can post again. It could have been the cat hitting the wrong button. debm55 Feb 5 #133
I blame the cat EverHopeful Feb 5 #139
You can add your original post. debm55 Feb 5 #160
Thanks but wasn't trying to post EverHopeful Feb 5 #192
Rule #1 You can always blame the cat. nt yellowdogintexas Feb 6 #198
Peeps is my junk food 🥴 LakeArenal Feb 5 #128
I like peeps .but just for Easter. debm55 Feb 5 #131
My wife liked Peeps roasted over fire and called them Peeps Brulee IA8IT Feb 5 #186
TY that is funny/ debm55 Feb 5 #187
By definition, people actually like it... getagrip_already Feb 5 #136
LMAO, getagrip_already they more then likely have been turning for weeks. TY debm55 Feb 5 #138
Candy corn CanonRay Feb 5 #141
I agree. Really dislike them. TY CanonRay. debm55 Feb 5 #161
Based on smell alone CommonHumanity Feb 5 #156
Agree with the smell factor. Mine is cabbage. My son bought pork rinds and I ran out of the Kitchen. another is coffee. debm55 Feb 5 #164
Combos WestMichRad Feb 5 #162
TY and I agree. Combos are a terrible snack/ debm55 Feb 5 #166
Texture is what gets me gagging. appleannie1 Feb 5 #172
Agree thank you appleannie1 debm55 Feb 5 #174
"Even my dogs would not eat Mc Nuggets." LudwigPastorius Feb 5 #185
You must have a picky dog. Sometimes I have to stop Dolly from eating poo from people who don't bag it. I bag Dolly's debm55 Feb 5 #190
Gummie Bears. You just know they're unhealthy. brush Feb 5 #179
Ty and they stick in your teeth debm55 Feb 5 #181
Anything that leaves my fingers greasy. GoodRaisin Feb 6 #199
Agree with you debm55 Feb 6 #200
Licorice DUgosh Feb 6 #201
I agree with the black licorice but I do like cherry. TY debm55 Feb 6 #202
Cheese Whiz Chakaconcarne Feb 7 #203
Agree, hate that stuff. debm55 Feb 7 #204
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