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128. This is a great thread!
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 02:13 AM
Feb 10

Many I though of have already been mentioned but here are some thoughts:

- Bass Pro consisted of selling lures in the John Derby liquor store
- Roller washing machines
- Suds saver tank connected to the washing machine to collect gray water and reuse it (ahead of its time)
- To-go cups dispensed at the local bar at closing
- Hang clothes outside to dry (oops I still do this one)
- No voice mail, no email, no recording device for television programs
- Defense attorneys were respected as Perry Mason represented them well

Thanks for so many great replies!

TV repair shops DBoon Feb 9 #1
Oh yes and some TV repairmen would actually come to your house! Good one! Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #8
And a TV tube tester machine at Walgreens. MOMFUDSKI Feb 10 #159
My uncle owned a TV & radio repair shop Freddie Feb 9 #15
Oh wow, I'm sorry your uncle died so young. Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #17
There's another one right there NJCher Feb 10 #137
How dreadful! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #199
So true Freddie Feb 10 #241
Vacuum tube test machines with replacement tubes in store (nt) Jamesm9164 Feb 9 #25
Oh yeah. grumpyduck Feb 9 #28
Mr. Diamond remembers those. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #202
Used those myself Old Crank Feb 12 #338
TV repair? SCantiGOP Feb 10 #68
I still do that if I can. plimsoll Feb 10 #76
let me know. i have connections if needed Tetrachloride Feb 10 #116
I have the same problem. I went to three different stores to find a pair of doc03 Feb 10 #176
doc03 I totally relate. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #209
I love sketchers. k55f5r Feb 13 #352
I wish they catered to large sizes Old Crank Feb 12 #339
I wear a women's 5-5 1/2 Danmel Feb 13 #349
I'm the exact opposite! Size 10 Narrow Diamond_Dog Feb 13 #353
I worked with a woman Old Crank Feb 13 #355
I have narrow feet too, plimsoll. I hear you. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #204
Still wear leather shoes, still get them repaired unc70 Feb 10 #96
We had a really good shoe repair shop here Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #203
Oh! Oh! Oh! PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 10 #117
They were fascinating places. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #205
NO! The TV guy came to your house. Thunderbeast Feb 10 #306
I helped my father change a picture tube once Old Crank Feb 12 #341
Ouch! Thunderbeast Feb 12 #344
Long distant calls, overseas, had a delay and were very expensive, early internet you paid by the minute Shellback Squid Feb 9 #2
I remember calling a store at the shopping mall ten minutes from my house Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #9
It depended on exactly where the lines were PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 10 #125
Yes, drove there many times! Unreal! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #214
Yup Farmer-Rick Feb 10 #279
When you had a long distance call from another state, everyone had to be quiet so you tblue37 Feb 10 #85
And you called Conjuay Feb 10 #177
Making collect calls to a fictitious person just to communicate to family that you arrived somewhere OK MichMan Feb 10 #217
Yep, we did that, too. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #238
Yep, We Did That ProfessorGAC Feb 10 #281
My grandparents lived in rural PA Freddie Feb 10 #242
17yo mini-unblock actually has a turntable and a decent vinyl collection unblock Feb 9 #3
I salute mini-unblock and I agree! Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #10
My 37 yo grandson also insists beveeheart Feb 10 #165
Oh,too bad! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #237
Pay phones. Nt leftieNanner Feb 9 #4
Another thing young people are astounded that even existed! Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #11
It was 10 cents for a long time. Eventually went up to 25 cents. unblock Feb 9 #13
You're absolutely correct! One thin dime was all you needed. Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #18
What today seems really bizarre is directory assistance unblock Feb 9 #32
All so true. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #35
Used to make a collect call to a fictitious person just to let family know you arrived somewhere safely MichMan Feb 10 #219
Many, many years ago I was both an information operator, PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 10 #122
Me too!!! Alliepoo Feb 10 #167
I mean they charge for minutes used, whether you placed or received the call unblock Feb 10 #223
Wow moose65 Feb 10 #216
Try .05, when I was a 'ute. 3Hotdogs Feb 10 #60
And there were phone cards, like credit cards NJCher Feb 10 #138
Lol there was no 'sprint' there was only The Phone Company. Voltaire2 Feb 10 #183
No you're wrong NJCher Feb 10 #186
1984. Prior to that only AT&T could provide Voltaire2 Feb 10 #195
Once upon a time I did a 2-year consulting gig for bell labs unblock Feb 10 #314
I briefly worked on a joint project with bell labs. Voltaire2 Feb 13 #350
Ma Bell - she was a cheap mother rurallib Feb 12 #347
Hence - "Drop a dime on someone" - rat them out (from a pay phone to be discreet) nt Maine-i-ac Feb 10 #182
Wow - that's a great bit of background. So many phrases we use erronis Feb 10 #251
Yep. Phone booths outside with folding doors. Some you could sit in. CTyankee Feb 12 #340
When we girls went on dates we put a dime in our shoe. StarryNite Feb 10 #100
Lol, I just learned something. Never heard that one and I'm 72. dameatball Feb 10 #221
Many girls put them in their penny loafers. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #236
You reminded me that the song "Jenny" (867-5309) area51 Feb 10 #311
Where the saying 'drop a dime on him' came from Old Crank Feb 12 #342
Kids don't know how to place a call with a rotary dial ... aggiesal Feb 10 #86
In older movies, you'll occasionally hear someone say "Go ahead, it's your nickel"... malthaussen Feb 10 #234
Drs. making house calls. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 9 #5
Oh that's a good one! Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #12
I am 75 years old and I NEVER had doctors making house calls. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 10 #124
I lived in Alexandria, VA, and in 1960 Mr.Bill Feb 10 #141
We still had Dr who made house calls into early 1960's outside Rochester NY wishstar Feb 10 #144
That must have been the standard of house call treatments! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #243
We lived in the Van Nuys suburb of Los Angeles PlanetBev Feb 10 #146
1958 I had a Dr. come to my house in the middle of night GoodRaisin Feb 10 #149
Columbus, OH Alliepoo Feb 10 #168
I remember our doctor making house calls back in the doc03 Feb 10 #184
1971 Albuquerque, NM mymomwasright Feb 10 #197
My father was a pediatrician until the late 70's getagrip_already Feb 10 #215
Seattle CMYK Feb 10 #295
I'm 70, and I remember when we were kids our Dr would make a very occasional house call if we were sick (NYC) electric_blue68 Feb 10 #310
I am 76. Our doctor made house calls in the 1950s. raging moderate Feb 13 #351
Everything old is new again. greatauntoftriplets Feb 10 #133
I heard an ad for that NJCher Feb 10 #139
1966 - Dr. came to our house @ 8pm beveeheart Feb 10 #173
Drs in the Netherlands still make house calls Laurelin Feb 10 #188
My folks' geriatrician! Lefta Dissenter Feb 10 #212
Pay phones. Pinback Feb 9 #6
Those are all great examples of things young people today just can't be wrap their minds around! Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #14
I remember when UHF started Freddie Feb 9 #19
Yes, and we had to get up and go to the TV and change the channel - no remotes at first. Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #22
No, SCantiGOP Feb 10 #225
I was one of the designated "channel changers" in my house. Lol Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #244
Carbon paper for typing multiple copies MichMan Feb 10 #220
Yes and what a pain. If you made a mistake typing you couldn't fix it Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #245
A couple from a gen Xer JT45242 Feb 9 #7
We didn't need no stinkin seat belts! Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #16
seat belts... haha lapfog_1 Feb 10 #37
I'm glad you never fell out, lapfrog_1! That's crazy! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #46
Everyone on farms did that or worse unc70 Feb 10 #99
Riding on the drawbar of an M or Super M HubertHeaver Feb 10 #132
We had a C. It was the same unc70 Feb 10 #185
I'm glad you explained what those those letters mean, unc70! I did not know. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #246
OTA TV never went away Shermann Feb 10 #289
ICE and MILK delivered to your door BOSSHOG Feb 9 #20
We had milk delivered every day Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #23
And the milk came in glass bottles. Rhiannon12866 Feb 10 #97
My sons got to experience home milk delivery in 1990. Delmette2.0 Feb 10 #174
Back then (when I was 6-9) we lived up north on the side of a mountain which looked straight down Lake George (NY) Rhiannon12866 Feb 10 #178
You had "farm to table" before it was a "thing"! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #271
We got milk in a bottle that had the cream on the top. We got our bread and doc03 Feb 10 #187
So did we! I remember that there was cream at the top, too - you had to shake it, IIRC. Rhiannon12866 Feb 10 #189
Those maple cream sticks were to die for! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #247
"They came to visit, not to stay. Return your bottles everyday." OAITW r.2.0 Feb 10 #201
I had milk delivered to my door every morning........ lastlib Feb 10 #115
JL Hudson store in Detroit would deliver packages to your house. Srkdqltr Feb 9 #21
Probably big city stores did that, eh? Pretty nice service! And I'll bet it was free! Diamond_Dog Feb 9 #24
I worked there when they had that service but i dont remember if there was a charge. Srkdqltr Feb 10 #33
Nah! Nobody here is OLD! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #47
Don't forget the JL Hudson's parade. William769 Feb 10 #119
X-ray machine to look at your feet - in shoe stores. (nt) Jamesm9164 Feb 9 #26
Like that was safe, eh? Mr. Diamond remembers those. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #50
Yes! MOMFUDSKI Feb 10 #160
Physically dialing a telephone. fierywoman Feb 9 #27
S&H Green Stamps & soda fountains/lunch counters in pharmacies Native Feb 9 #29
What was even better Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #56
You can still buy a cone of Thrifty Ice cream at a Rite-Aid here DBoon Feb 10 #58
But can you get an ammonia Coke? Native Feb 10 #218
never heard of ammonia Coke DBoon Feb 11 #321
A cure-all of Spirits of Ammonia added to Coke. Native Feb 11 #322
I remember the Green Stamps. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #248
Roller skates with metal wheels that clamp onto your shoes. patphil Feb 9 #30
Still have a skate key in the drawer. Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #40
You have a skate key? How cool!! Srkdqltr Feb 10 #61
A lot of stuff in those drawers. Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #65
I still have scars on my knees. MOMFUDSKI Feb 10 #161
My mother never allowed my sister and me to have roller skates, she thought they were too dangerous! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #249
Well, I got a brand new pair of Roller Skates... OldBaldy1701E Feb 10 #164
"You got a brand new key." 3catwoman3 Feb 13 #356
Nor should you! (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Feb 14 #358
Sunday school shoes Brother Buzz Feb 10 #53
Worse than that SCantiGOP Feb 10 #226
Mom begrudging allowed me to use the leather shoes if I promised to polish them... Brother Buzz Feb 12 #337
Home made skate boards made with scavenged roller skate wheels DBoon Feb 10 #59
Taking rollerskates apart Richard D Feb 10 #87
Neighborhood grocery stores wendyb-NC Feb 9 #31
We had Rosie's corner store complete with MOMFUDSKI Feb 10 #162
Thomas A. Arkel's General Mercantile was just across the road from doc03 Feb 10 #194
Those little corner stores wendyb-NC Feb 10 #200
I remember the smell of that store today he had wooden floors coated with doc03 Feb 10 #213
Those Sinclair Gas pumps sound vaugely familiar! electric_blue68 Feb 10 #312
my grandfather had one of those small town grocery stores (hardware in the back) yellowdogintexas Feb 11 #323
my grandfather had one of those small town grocery stores (hardware in the back) yellowdogintexas Feb 11 #324
Liquor (convenience) stores kinda fill in now Demovictory9 Feb 11 #328
Rotary phones. Metal roller skates that clamped onto your shoes... brush Feb 10 #34
And you had to rent your phone from the phone company TexasBushwhacker Feb 10 #71
Thoughts... Ferrets are Cool Feb 10 #36
Cigarette machined etc. Old Crank Feb 13 #348
Those cigarette machines? Think. Again. Feb 10 #38
Thirty cents in the gas station Brother Buzz Feb 10 #51
When I was in the Navy Beausoleil Feb 10 #77
I bought my cartons of cigs at the ship's store too. I recall paying about that. GoodRaisin Feb 10 #150
$1.99 a carton on sale in commissary unweird Feb 10 #156
The first carton I bought on a ship was $1.35. cloudbase Feb 10 #170
Air Force 1962: 15 cents a pack. sarge43 Feb 10 #278
You are too young for this thread. HubertHeaver Feb 10 #135
Yeah, I missed Vietnam Era by 3 weeks Beausoleil Feb 10 #207
Our Dad BigMin28 Feb 11 #333
When NOTHING was open on Sunday Fichefinder Feb 10 #39
That depended on where you lived. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 10 #130
🤔 In NYC everything was open on Sunday. We also had cousins just across the river in Northern NJ The Shopping Malls.... electric_blue68 Feb 10 #313
Bergen County, NJ still has "blue laws" prohibiting certain stores from opening on Sundays. subterranean Feb 11 #330
Wow. I didn't know that! Ty. electric_blue68 Feb 12 #336
Not only that... OldBaldy1701E Feb 14 #359
Does anyone else remember ... Think. Again. Feb 10 #41
Yes! Raven Feb 10 #208
I missed your post. I mentioned it further down when I lived in Brooklyn. electric_blue68 Feb 10 #315
Television test patterns Brother Buzz Feb 10 #42
don't forget the station sign on or sign off lapfog_1 Feb 10 #45
Along with "High Flight" crickets Feb 10 #80
Nothing to watch after sign off..had to read a book..physical book! Demovictory9 Feb 11 #327
I had a wristwatch that glowed in the dark!!! lapfog_1 Feb 10 #43
Add to that the little maze games that contained blobs of elemental mercury. LudwigPastorius Feb 10 #92
YES! I had one of those too. lapfog_1 Feb 10 #103
I was lucky I never ended up with one of those in my skull. LudwigPastorius Feb 10 #110
Little blobs! Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #104
Timex wristwatches that you had to wind about every other day Mr.Bill Feb 10 #143
I had a Mickey Mouse watch that I had to wind every day Rastapopoulos Feb 10 #166
And speaking of watches... Rastapopoulos Feb 10 #169
Lol. For sure! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #257
Mr. Diamond had one of those, too. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #272
Cameras that used film. Polaroids were way cool sci fi. Nephew cbabe Feb 10 #44
Polaroid Sx-70s are highly sought after. progressoid Feb 10 #64
I wonder if you can even buy the film cartridges and fixative. Like restoring classic cars. Finding parts is hard. cbabe Feb 10 #239
You can, but it ain't cheap! progressoid Feb 10 #309
and of course, the classic... Think. Again. Feb 10 #48
Actually did walk to school. Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #52
In the snow! Staph Feb 10 #55
Sometimes. Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #69
That's right! Think. Again. Feb 10 #89
Yes, walked a couple miles to school and back because I preferred it over the bus MichMan Feb 10 #231
Walked to school for 12 years AverageOldGuy Feb 10 #118
In a blizzard, against the wind. HubertHeaver Feb 10 #136
My granddad said he walked in the snow SCantiGOP Feb 10 #227
Cigarette lighters and ashtrays in cars. Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #49
An ashtray for every passenger. They were part of the armrests. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #273
People took their shoes to a shoemaker Mr.Bill Feb 10 #54
Um... I still do these things, depending on the shoes or the furniture. crickets Feb 10 #88
Some people do, mostly older people who have been doing it a long time. Mr.Bill Feb 10 #93
My granny had a party line. MLAA Feb 10 #57
We had a party line. GoodRaisin Feb 10 #151
Yep - the "car hop" brought your food out to the car on a tray that hooked onto your car window. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #254
Saving Bond Stamps (nt) Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #62
Those could make a comeback ... DJ Synikus Makisimus Feb 10 #91
Wow, who knew someone would remember those. Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #114
Dial tones and busy signals madamesilverspurs Feb 10 #63
Elevator operators. Sneederbunk Feb 10 #66
My Mother was an elevator operator after her first job Delmette2.0 Feb 10 #175
*69 AwakeAtLast Feb 10 #67
Lived reallllly close to O'Hare Airport when it was first built. Planes came over the house so low things NoMoreRepugs Feb 10 #70
My grandmother's house was near RR tracks Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #283
It also used to be true that if you just picked up the phone, you got an operator who made your call Rhiannon12866 Feb 10 #72
Yup "number please" (nt) Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #78
Photography studios Demobrat Feb 10 #73
Refrigerators with ice trays Beausoleil Feb 10 #74
My brother and I would say "bye" to my mom after lunch and disappear into the neighborhood to play... LudwigPastorius Feb 10 #75
And if you needed to find your kid SCantiGOP Feb 10 #230
Cameras with flashbulbs northoftheborder Feb 10 #79
Oh that is good! Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #83
Renting a projector and a couple movies on reels. nt BootinUp Feb 10 #81
This message was self-deleted by its author farmbo Feb 10 #82
What about those bulky bakelite phones Mr. Evil Feb 10 #84
Like on Roseanne's old TV show. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #256
Yes. One of the great hazards of the day. Mr. Evil Feb 10 #264
I still have nightmares about having to dial-- viva la Feb 10 #90
Thank you for such a wonderful post! Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #94
Yes, I'm enjoying all the comments, too! TY Jamesm9164 Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #259
Manual typewriters, then electric, then self-correcting ones with little white slips you'd backspace over Liberty Belle Feb 10 #95
White out, stencils, copier fluid. Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #108
My first computer dickthegrouch Feb 10 #253
Grocery clerks rang up your groceries on a machine with a bunch of keys (100 plus)... Trueblue Texan Feb 10 #98
I ran Monroe-Sweda cash registers in Mr.Bill Feb 10 #142
Standard (analog) clocks and watches. niyad Feb 10 #101
Actually asked the RN during my last physical Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #111
last wed ag a gas station, i saw a man open the hood of his car AllaN01Bear Feb 10 #102
Wringer washers Keepthesoulalive Feb 10 #105
When software was on cardboard Johnny2X2X Feb 10 #106
I stored my program on paper tape in 1970 dickthegrouch Feb 10 #255
Recording music on your cassette deck from your favorite FM station DBoon Feb 10 #107
Remember REAL DJs? bedazzled Feb 10 #270
Scott Muni, Dan & Richard Neer, Meg Griffin, Tom Morrera, and... electric_blue68 Feb 10 #316
Oh lovely to hear those names... bedazzled Feb 11 #318
It was aggravating when the disk jockey talked over the music at the beginning Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #287
They won't talk-over on the FM stations DBoon Feb 10 #288
Milk Man delivers greblach Feb 10 #109
We still have a dairy delivery here. niyad Feb 10 #134
I delivered fresh bread as my first paid job dickthegrouch Feb 10 #250
Outhouse Beachnutt Feb 10 #112
And TV didn't come on Sunday till noon SCantiGOP Feb 10 #232
And girls had to wear dresses or skirts to school. No pants, even in winter when walking judesedit Feb 10 #113
Oh, yeah! I hated that and it seemed so unfair Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #262
Exactly. I did that, too, sometimes. How uncomfortable was that? Looked awful. lol. And it definitely was not fair. judesedit Feb 10 #267
We used to wear shorts under our dresses Demobrat Feb 10 #277
Yep - we were just told "Boys will be boys" and to ignore it. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #302
Even in the 70's / 80's, my daughter wouldn't take the school bus cause boys kept touching her butt judesedit Feb 13 #354
I complained to my mom about having to wear skirts, dresses to school in snowy weather... electric_blue68 Feb 10 #304
How well I remember the winter winds blowing up... 3catwoman3 Feb 13 #357
We had to get up to change the channel on the tv no remote control Tribetime Feb 10 #120
TV with a knob that went from 2 to 13 and had a U and the remote control was Cheezoholic Feb 10 #121
Here's a Big One. (A Sad One, Too) TrollBuster9090 Feb 10 #123
Not such "good" old days for many women. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #274
Mouse Trap Shoes FB47243 Feb 10 #126
The Helms Bakery truck, if you lived in Southern California. Dem2theMax Feb 10 #127
Oh, those Helms glazed donuts PlanetBev Feb 10 #147
Yes! Dem2theMax Feb 10 #148
I also had a job frying donuts in the summer between high school and university dickthegrouch Feb 10 #258
This is a great thread! FormerOstrich Feb 10 #128
Wall-mounted hand cranked can openers in the kitchen. n/t dobleremolque Feb 10 #129
I remember my parents had a transistor radio that had a metal prop Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #275
Laundry pick up and delivery Yonnie3 Feb 10 #140
Ironing most of our clothes since fabrics wrinkled so much wishstar Feb 10 #145
Monday was laundry day, Tuesday was ironing day. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #303
Drive in theatres GoodRaisin Feb 10 #152
Afternoon newspapers elleng Feb 10 #153
TY elleng Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #285
NO ONE!!! elleng Feb 10 #291
S&H Green Stamps and... AmBlue Feb 10 #154
Memories Diamond dog. Duncanpup Feb 10 #155
You got it, Duncanpup! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #263
Milk deliveries to your house in glass bottles. Some had a reservoir on top for the cream. no_hypocrisy Feb 10 #157
The huckster. Came through the neighborhood with livetohike Feb 10 #158
Newspaper delivery early in the morning Sanity Claws Feb 10 #163
Mimeograph machines in school. cloudbase Feb 10 #171
Who remembers Tupperware parties? Niagara Feb 10 #172
Postcards - my son said Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #269
Lol! Yes, Diamond Dog's son, everyone could read the message Niagara Feb 10 #299
My sister sent me a postcard from Santa Fe NM when she went on vacation last Dec 👍 electric_blue68 Feb 10 #317
I'm happy to hear that people still send postcards to loved ones! Niagara Feb 11 #319
There was a Coke machine in the office of my elementary school. It took a nickle and a penny to dispense. Chainfire Feb 10 #179
My dad would get me to get up and change the TV channel when the ball game came on. I was the remote. Maine-i-ac Feb 10 #180
Regarding gas stations... Self-service is not allowed in some towns. I never get out of my car. Croney Feb 10 #181
We would hitch a ride to town about 8 miles away to see a double feature doc03 Feb 10 #190
Great thread! I remember burning our raked leaves Quakerfriend Feb 10 #191
Yes, we raked and burned our leaves on the side of the road. SaveOurDemocracy Feb 10 #222
Omg, baked potatoes- What a great idea!!! Quakerfriend Feb 10 #229
We road bikes through the embers of the fires. See how close you could get. Srkdqltr Feb 10 #261
Slide Projectors Bristlecone Feb 10 #192
Diaper Service bottomofthehill Feb 10 #193
Calling on the phone for the correct time nt doc03 Feb 10 #196
Time & Temperature! Beartracks Feb 10 #284
My boys really laughed at that one. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #286
Pay to go to the bathroom Sugarmaggie Feb 10 #198
this is why I LOVE 50s b/w sitcoms. I thank doG everyday for the conveniences.. samnsara Feb 10 #206
Fuller Brush Man Goonch Feb 10 #210
Sonic booms Beausoleil Feb 10 #211
Bomb shelters. Sneederbunk Feb 10 #268
Nuclear war drills in school Jamesm9164 Feb 10 #301
I always wondered about that. lpbk2713 Feb 12 #335
As a teenager I played with engine powered model airplanes all the time. MichMan Feb 10 #224
"My parents' weekends didn't revolve around my activities" Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #294
In college, it was common to bring a keg full of beer through the dorm lobby & into someone's room for a hall party MichMan Feb 10 #228
Automobile windshield wipers coprolite Feb 10 #233
Continuing the gas station differences... malthaussen Feb 10 #235
Eventually you will be proven right! Beausoleil Feb 10 #240
School Lunches, tasted pretty good gladium et scutum Feb 10 #252
I still wish I could find pizza as good as the ones the Lunch Ladies made at my high school. And, there were some Lunch NBachers Feb 10 #282
I wish I had that kind of school lunch, ours was awful. I went hungry rather than eat it many times Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #290
Not only was there smoking on planes... Gruenemann Feb 10 #260
Smoking in stores was common hydrolastic Feb 10 #296
Vinyl records and turntables are very popular now bedazzled Feb 10 #265
Jarts! MontanaMama Feb 10 #266
Holy crap those look dangerous! Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #298
We're a tough lot up here in big sky country. MontanaMama Feb 10 #308
Minor point... Grins Feb 10 #276
I have always pumped my own gas.when I learned how to drive at 16 Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #292
Service stations also used to have free air and water. Warren_Pointe Feb 10 #280
This absolutely drives me crazy! Dem2theMax Feb 10 #297
Bought one also. Warren_Pointe Feb 11 #320
Telegrams... Golden Raisin Feb 10 #293
Never got a telegram nor did anyone in our family. Diamond_Dog Feb 10 #300
We may be close in age. bottomofthehill Feb 10 #307
A truck going around for sharpening knives, and scissors... electric_blue68 Feb 10 #305
The smoking section at my high school... Texasgal Feb 11 #325
I was accustomed to smoking everywhere, but went on work trip w smoking coworker Demovictory9 Feb 11 #326
$.25/gallon gasoline in '68. marble falls Feb 11 #329
Mechanical Bludogdem Feb 11 #331
Yes, with a handle you pulled down to do the computing! Diamond_Dog Feb 11 #332
Being asked to be seated in the smoking or non-smoking area sakabatou Feb 12 #334
I can't imagine eating in a restaurant full of cigarette smoke today. Diamond_Dog Feb 12 #343
Ushers at the movie theater Rastapopoulos Feb 12 #345
Good one! Diamond_Dog Feb 12 #346
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