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24. Tillamook.
Mon Feb 19, 2024, 06:03 PM
Feb 19

Love the marionberry pie and the huckleberry swirl. Two berries I cannot get in my neck of the woods (the East Coast)

Ben & Jerry's happybird Feb 19 #1
No I haven't Sounds great. bif Feb 19 #6
Blue Bunny jimfields33 Feb 19 #2
Their ads look enticing leftieNanner Feb 19 #23
I honestly don't have any idea what politics Ice cream makers have. jimfields33 Feb 19 #27
Grew up in the Upper Midwest TwilightZone Feb 19 #25
Yeah, They're A Good Brand ProfessorGAC Feb 19 #36
Haggen Dazs oregonjen Feb 19 #3
Same rainy Feb 19 #21
Bliss brand no-sugar-added caramel pecan. Hard to find. Croney Feb 19 #4
Tillamook! Superb ice cream. I really get into ice cream, once I start, I can't stop. CTyankee Feb 19 #5
Sounds interesting! elleng Feb 19 #8
It is highly creamy, that is why it is so delicious. I don't even look at the calories listed on the tub -- I don't CTyankee Feb 19 #11
THANKS, will look for it! elleng Feb 19 #13
I love their Malted Moo Danmel Feb 19 #37
Was HaagenDaz (coffee,) and B and J Coffee coffee buzz Buzz elleng Feb 19 #7
Uncle Bob's from Eureka, IL. sinkingfeeling Feb 19 #9
Blue Bell Glorfindel Feb 19 #10
Wilcoxson's... 2naSalit Feb 19 #12
Depends on where I am av8rdave Feb 19 #14
Tillamook. Tastes' like old fashion. Does cost more. chouchou Feb 19 #15
Publix tom_kelly Feb 19 #16
Graeter's (but it's so high fat, I don't buy it often) nt spooky3 Feb 19 #17
Their Chocolate Raspberry is to die for. Boomerproud Feb 19 #32
Agree, it's so good. Sorry you can't have it. Nt spooky3 Feb 19 #35
Graeter's is hands-down my favorite as well. Xavier Breath Feb 19 #38
Agree. I buy a small container of it and dole it out spooky3 Feb 19 #39
If you're a fan of the Chunky Chunky Hippo Xavier Breath Feb 19 #40
Thanks. I like red velvet anything. But the raspberry chocolate spooky3 Feb 19 #41
Blue Bell MuseRider Feb 19 #18
Green's (local PA) Freddie Feb 19 #19
Another vote for Blue Bell. TwilightZone Feb 19 #20
We make our own when we want ice cream...j MiHale Feb 19 #22
Tillamook. DinahMoeHum Feb 19 #24
The first time I saw the word marionberry happybird Feb 19 #31
Tillamook Bo Zarts Feb 19 #26
Tillamook bamagal62 Feb 19 #28
Louis Sherry and Terwillger and Wakefield no_hypocrisy Feb 19 #29
Ben & Jerry's beaglelover Feb 19 #30
Well indigoth Feb 19 #33
Blue Bell Mollyann Feb 19 #34
you do not get frozen custard from a grocery store, you go to a custard shop. pansypoo53219 Feb 20 #42
Tillamook and Umpqua Trueblue1968 Feb 20 #43
Tillamook. Make it strawberry please, dameatball Feb 20 #44
Swensen's. ificandream Feb 20 #45
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