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4. Have you ever seen the Musical Chicago?
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 04:27 PM
Feb 21

Watch this clip at the 1:45 minute mark and you'll see what somebody else did to a gum-popping boyfriend.

That's mine, also. Obnoxious and so easy to stop, but they won't. Nt spooky3 Feb 21 #1
Agree, I just want to say "STOP IT' but I don't I just come here and rant about it. TY spooky3 debm55 Feb 21 #5
Yes, there doesn't appear to be a polite way to ask them to stop. Nt spooky3 Feb 21 #8
I have a friend that I spend lots of phone time with who begins FalloutShelter Feb 21 #2
:-) I thought you'd say she eats while on the phone. I spooky3 Feb 21 #3
and the ones that never let you get in a word in. because they are telling their "Long story short"TY FalloutShelter. debm55 Feb 21 #6
FalloutShelter..... Upthevibe Feb 21 #29
LOL FalloutShelter Feb 21 #30
Have you ever seen the Musical Chicago? nocoincidences Feb 21 #4
I have never seen Chicago before and didn't know there was a scene about gum popping. TY nocoincidences. debm55 Feb 21 #7
Its the 1st one in the Cell Block Tango! sdfernando Feb 21 #12
Ty sdfernado. I watched it and was laughing. Then I read the lyrics you posted, laughed again. debm55 Feb 21 #15
You might watch the film PJMcK Feb 21 #31
Some people seem to believe that you must shriek or shout when sneezing. Mister Ed Feb 21 #9
Agree, and you can hear them all over the office. TY Mister Ed debm55 Feb 21 #10
I always assumed that was involuntary. SarahD Feb 21 #11
I sneeze rarely but very loudly when I do av8rdave Feb 21 #22
None. GreenWave Feb 21 #13
Gee, I will have to watch. Ty GreenWave. debm55 Feb 21 #14
The habit of being Ferrets are Cool Feb 21 #16
Ty Ferrets are Cool, I did ask and you did honestly answer. No problem. debm55 Feb 21 #17
Sales clerks telling me to "Have a blessed day." dameatball Feb 22 #35
Where do you hear that--Hobby Lobby or Chicken Filet? Ty dameatball. debm55 Feb 22 #38
I don't shop at those two places, but in my red county that saying is common. dameatball Feb 22 #42
No not in my area of Pittsburgh. I thought it might be at those two religion based places. debm55 Feb 22 #47
My son is an ice cruncher. It's like nails on a blackboard. sinkingfeeling Feb 21 #18
Agree with you sinkingfeeling, It is annoying debm55 Feb 21 #19
I Do That ProfessorGAC Feb 21 #23
It's annoying. debm55 Feb 22 #39
Only If Someone Can Hear It! ProfessorGAC Feb 22 #44
Oh, like if a tree falls in the forest,does it make a sound?????? debm55 Feb 22 #49
My husband has taken to chewing gum over the last year or so. 3catwoman3 Feb 21 #20
I have a neighbor that constantly tells everyone how successful and wealthy he is av8rdave Feb 21 #21
:-) reminds me of Married With Children spooky3 Feb 21 #33
I'm extremely irritated today, so if I came off as irritated it's because I totally am. Niagara Feb 21 #24
You need a hug, honey. debm55 Feb 22 #40
Thank you, Debbie. I'm not as riled up today as I was yesterday. Niagara Feb 22 #46
My grandson has two kids, aged five and six. Mr.Bill Feb 21 #25
Ty Mr. Bill that does sound annoying. Hugs for you debm55 Feb 22 #41
My ex wore socks with sandals. Ocelot II Feb 21 #26
I wear socks with sandals, sometimes. debm55 Feb 21 #27
It's actually been a trend the last few years. Your ex was a trendsetter! MLAA Feb 22 #34
Absolute refuse to take the last chip, cookie, nut, etc from a package/container RockRaven Feb 21 #28
YES, and people who leave a tablespoon of ice cream in the container. Take the whole thing. they also do it with milk. debm55 Feb 21 #32
"Like-Speak" drives me nuts as well. bif Feb 22 #36
OMG , CNN had this woman on; that could not finish a sentence without using the word/words "like" or " like um" debm55 Feb 22 #43
The damn vape pens. GoodRaisin Feb 22 #37
Same problems here. I wish there was a way to stop it , but i can't as I have it in the bathroom of my house. debm55 Feb 22 #45
They are not allowed in my home or car. Mr.Bill Feb 22 #48
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