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63. Remember: friends are the family WE choose.
Tue Mar 19, 2024, 07:16 AM
Mar 19

Best wishes for a speedy diagnosis and full support for whatever you need.

Of course you have our best wishes. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 18 #1
you got 'em! agingdem Mar 18 #2
Sending you good energy and thoughts KarenS Mar 18 #3
GROUP HUGs! elleng Mar 18 #4
Of course. happybird Mar 18 #5
You got it, Deb. Diamond_Dog Mar 18 #6
You will always have good thoughts from me. sinkingfeeling Mar 18 #7
Sending my best wishes and good thoughts Alpeduez21 Mar 18 #8
May you be blessed WheelWalker Mar 18 #10
We're your family. Basic LA Mar 18 #9
Best wishes for a good outcome. Hang in there. rsdsharp Mar 18 #11
But of course! Always sending the very best your way! You got this, kid! stopdiggin Mar 18 #12
Deb, you will be in my thoughts. Good vibes headed your way. Nt spooky3 Mar 18 #13
Most fab positive vibes!!! N/t gay texan Mar 18 #14
... Ferrets are Cool Mar 18 #15
Wishing you the best outcome.. Permanut Mar 18 #16
Holding you in my heart, deb. Stay strong. You're not alone. n/t TygrBright Mar 18 #17
Holding your hand, hugging you, and sending my guardian angel to watch over you. LoisB Mar 18 #18
Healing thoughts for you DebM CanonRay Mar 18 #19
My sincerest positive vibes in your direction!! Lunabell Mar 18 #20
Gosh, Deb, I am so sorry you're going through this. Laffy Kat Mar 18 #21
The best to you Deb. Good wishes for tomorrow. yorkster Mar 18 #22
We'll all be thinking about you tomorrow. Mr.Bill Mar 18 #23
Much good luck for good solution! electric_blue68 Mar 18 #24
On it! 2naSalit Mar 18 #25
Sending you light and love! MLAA Mar 18 #26
Holding you in love and light, dear Deb. Vibes for best possible outcome. niyad Mar 19 #27
Surrounding you with prayers, Deb! summer_in_TX Mar 19 #28
((😘)) Stay positive and keep us posted Deuxcents Mar 19 #29
You've got it, good thoughts and vibes heading your way. StarryNite Mar 19 #30
Sending out positive energies in your direction. Asking the Universe japple Mar 19 #31
Good wishes for tomorrow, Deb. arkielib Mar 19 #32
Oh debm55, I'm sorry about your family, but you are never alone in DU company. Bluethroughu Mar 19 #33
We're here with you debm55! RainCaster Mar 19 #34
Very best to you, Deb.. whathehell Mar 19 #35
Of course. murielm99 Mar 19 #36
I'm radiating full positive vibes for you, debm55! LudwigPastorius Mar 19 #37
Good luck to you, our valued friend. NNadir Mar 19 #38
Thinking of you and sending love. Hope22 Mar 19 #39
Prayed for you. Let us know how it goes Joinfortmill Mar 19 #40
Sending good vibes your way cate94 Mar 19 #41
Hugs and hopes that you get a treatable diagnosis, debm55. ancianita Mar 19 #42
I will be thinking of you. . . . h2ebits Mar 19 #43
Sending good vibes! SunSeeker Mar 19 #44
Allow us to be your family, and be as loving and concerned as we can be. I am asking your and our angels to surround you NBachers Mar 19 #45
Deb - You are on of the best here on DU. I can only imagine this vast wave of love and hope headed your way..... RussellCattle Mar 19 #46
You're always the tops moniss Mar 19 #47
May the light of the holy Spirit surround you MacKasey Mar 19 #48
May you be happy, may you be peaceful, may you be free from suffering. May the Great Mother of All... Hekate Mar 19 #49
Best wishes MFM008 Mar 19 #50
It's morning and thinking of you unweird Mar 19 #51
I hope You get good news! Sending you good vibes! Karadeniz Mar 19 #52
I hope you read this thread before you go to your appointment. Prairie_Seagull Mar 19 #53
Gladly, Deb! May you find healing and experience comfort! IndianaDave Mar 19 #54
Absolutely debm55. Hope all goes well Raven123 Mar 19 #55
Sending good vibes! catbyte Mar 19 #56
You got mine! tazkcmo Mar 19 #57
Absolutely! Sending my love, PAWsitive energy and good vibes, Debbie! Niagara Mar 19 #58
Of course. Harker Mar 19 #59
Just seeing this now, but you are in my thoughts and of course I send you my ultimate healting and best wishes! hlthe2b Mar 19 #60
Holding you in my thoughts this morning for answers livetohike Mar 19 #61
I'll be thinking of you. zanana1 Mar 19 #62
Remember: friends are the family WE choose. flor-de-jasmim Mar 19 #63
Let us know how it goes, deb True Dough Mar 19 #64
I know the testing may seem over bearing. Delmette2.0 Mar 19 #65
I can't believe you have such a nasty family when you are so kind and thoughtful. Fla Dem Mar 19 #66
Happy belated birthday, and I'm so sorry you're going through all this. yardwork Mar 19 #67
Sending Energy Deep State Witch Mar 19 #68
Just saw this. Sending good thoughts and vibes. highplainsdem Mar 19 #69
You got it. Elessar Zappa Mar 19 #70
Good vibes malthaussen Mar 19 #71
Good vibes to you, Debm55 LNM Mar 19 #72
i hope all goes well JoseBalow Mar 19 #73
Thanks for the update. lpbk2713 Mar 19 #74
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