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Wed Apr 10, 2024, 08:26 PM Apr 10

Trouble in Paradise: If someone was looking to disrupt my enjoyment of my new job, they succeeded. [View all]

Since coming back on board my old community health organization after thirteen years of overwork with their crosstown rival, I've been working in the urgent care department, and also as a float, going to whichever clinic needs help on any particular day. I'm hoping to secure my primary care position in the next few months.

Urgent care stays pretty busy, and we have a good-sized team of providers, all of whom are wonderful colleagues to have, and with whom I really enjoy working. Sometimes, however, the unpredictable schedule in urgent care can lead to days that are slower than others, resulting in a decrease in billable patient encounters.

The organization's bean-counters think they have found a wonderful way to increase the number of billable encounters. Any time any of we urgent care providers are "not doing anything", they want us to surf the electronic in-boxes of certain specific medical providers who are not in urgent care, and sift through the items looking for opportunities to create billable encounters. If we find a notation that might lead to a follow-up visit for a medication refill or a lab result review, we're supposed to forward it to scheduling. This, according to those who dreamed up this cockamamie scheme, is because the primary care providers are too busy with their own encounters to work their electronic in-boxes.

If this sounds sketchy to any of you, it certainly does to the rest of us in urgent care. Why the hell should we be responsible for another provider's in-box? Isn't it that provider's responsibility? Claiming to be "too busy" to do one's paperwork is the height of unprofessionalism, as is expecting someone else to do it.

For thirteen years, I spent every single day keeping tabs on my e-inbox. Because I was always facing a tall stack of papers on my desk in the mornings, and needed office time to tackle that, I had to make sure my electronic in-box was cleared out so I didn't have to waste office time on it. Every single day, days off, weekends, sick days, vacations, holidays, I was always in there taking care of the work. When every category of item was cleared out, it was never more than an hour or two before it would start to fill back up again. I never allowed the work to get to an overwhelming level.

Now, I'm being told I have to do someone else's work. I pointed out to the architects of this scheme that it was ill-advised, and unfair to those of us who are doing our own work. They just about came unglued. The words "unprofessional", "insubordinate", and "a bad PA", names I was never, ever called before in my old job, were hurled at me all in the space of about fifteen seconds. After getting ambushed with this, I got up to leave, and one of them barked "WE'RE NOT DONE YET!"

It's been a pretty rough couple of weeks since that disastrous meeting. Mrs. Aristus is urging me to quit, even though we have the chance to soon be working in the same clinic. My confidence in myself and my work has taken a huge hit, and the Medical Director, and the Director of Operations, both of whom I have known and respected for nearly twenty years, are hearing from people who don't know me or my work that I'm unprofessional and insubordinate.

It's enough to make a man drink. (Which I intend to, soon. )

One of my colleagues in the float pool, whom I assume suffered her own ambush after objecting to that crazy scheme, has e-mailed the rest of us, requesting a meeting amongst ourselves before going to upper management. As in everything else, it's nice to know one has allies. The MD at the head of the float pool was scandalized when I told her how I had been treated, and I think I can count on her support, too. We'll see what happens.

But it's been a nasty knock, since I came here to get away from the toxic atmosphere of my old job. Right now, I'm holding out for my primary care position, when I will no longer be required to do some other provider's work for them.

If you've gotten this far, thank you for listening.

You are all very dear friends, and I love you all.

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I feel your pain. The entire health care system largely sucks for both patients and health care providers... hlthe2b Apr 10 #1
Unbelievable. Bean counters supervising docs Joinfortmill Apr 10 #2
You and me both. Aristus Apr 11 #31
And we need docs so badly now. Such idiots. Joinfortmill Apr 11 #45
Nothing new DENVERPOPS Apr 11 #49
Is your new workplace organized? DJ Synikus Makisimus Apr 10 #3
It's worth exploring. Aristus Apr 11 #32
"Billable encounters" bucolic_frolic Apr 10 #4
Worked in hospitals and medical practices for years. At one hospital, admin ticked off Silent Type Apr 10 #5
Really really sorry Easterncedar Apr 10 #6
Isn't that unethical? Freddie Apr 10 #7
I wonder that too Unwind Your Mind Apr 10 #23
It's not their e-mail boxes; it's their electronic in-boxes. Aristus Apr 11 #33
I don't know anything about how any of this works but it sure sounds sketchy to me. LoisB Apr 10 #8
M4A - Medicare for All! TheRickles Apr 10 #9
M4A won't help in this respect. I support it, but providers will still have to "produce" enough billables. Silent Type Apr 10 #20
Much less money will get siphoned off for adminstative costs (up to 30% in some systems), so in fact TheRickles Apr 11 #29
Doubt it. Providers still have to submit claims, meet coverage guidelines, etc. Providers still have to be Silent Type Apr 11 #30
But the amount of support staff needed to work with all the different filing systems and claims submission systems TheRickles Apr 11 #41
Oh, Artistus. I was so hoping this job would be better. debm55 Apr 10 #10
For a while, it was. Aristus Apr 11 #34
"I'm hoping to get my primary care position soon" malthaussen Apr 11 #50
How well I know! Mme. Defarge Apr 11 #61
My sister was an RN. She worked for one doc, then six, then forty and then two hundred. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #11
Don't allow them to tell you who you are and what you're capable of. onecaliberal Apr 10 #12
Thank you for your wonderful encouragement. Aristus Apr 11 #35
Hugs. You got this! onecaliberal Apr 11 #46
Sorry to hear all that. wendyb-NC Apr 10 #13
Thank you. Aristus Apr 11 #36
Love you back Aristus. mahina Apr 10 #14
Mahalo. Aristus Apr 11 #37
Sounds like you all should meet and begin to organize a Union. Bluethroughu Apr 10 #15
Oh GOODNESS!!! elleng Apr 10 #16
.... sprinkleeninow Apr 10 #17
Well, I do know one thing, and that is that the profit motive is in direct conflict with the needs of PatrickforB Apr 10 #18
They are making retirement look pretty good RainCaster Apr 10 #19
Having medical personnel from completely different departments having access to other Dr and departments' MLAA Apr 10 #21
Thank you. Aristus Apr 11 #38
hugggggggs and love, dear friend. I have been wondering how your niyad Apr 10 #22
Thank you, niyad. Aristus Apr 11 #39
I am so sorry about this, Aristus. Hang in there, and may better times be yours very soon ❤️ Hekate Apr 10 #24
Thank you, Hekate. Aristus Apr 11 #40
Loading multiple tasks on people is endemic. LisaM Apr 10 #25
That's disappointing and abusive. cilla4progress Apr 11 #26
I'm so sorry, Aristus. What those bean-counters did is disgusting. highplainsdem Apr 11 #27
be careful what you wish for Skittles Apr 11 #28
at 1 time we had a lovely public health system, along comes ronald raygun and he guts it by saying AllaN01Bear Apr 11 #42
we now have scheduling at our local hospital. what a blankety blank blank joke . more layers to deal with. AllaN01Bear Apr 11 #43
Hang in there.... Sogo Apr 11 #44
How is this not a HIPAA violation? ECL213 Apr 11 #47
My reaction as well NotASurfer Apr 11 #64
I'm gonna take a wild guess and presume the people who treated you that way were suits with MBAs. malthaussen Apr 11 #48
No. Aristus Apr 11 #52
Qusilings. Maybe Stockholm Syndrome. malthaussen Apr 11 #54
Speaking for myself, if somebody told me in a similar situation that "we're not done yet," cloudbase Apr 11 #51
My PA at Swedish montanacowboy Apr 11 #53
They know the cost of everything KT2000 Apr 11 #55
What those bean counters want to do is outrageous. ShazzieB Apr 11 #56
Making the road painful to that primary care position. If you think you can hold on, good luck. SupportSanity Apr 11 #57
Thanks for your dedication. SouthernDem4ever Apr 11 #58
Bean Counters Redleg Apr 11 #59
It is the age of enshittification Voltaire2 Apr 11 #60
You have a right to feel that you do! AKwannabe Apr 11 #62
See my follow-up thread. It looks like it's been sorted out. Aristus Apr 11 #63
I'll look for it. And I hope you're right - that things have been sorted out. calimary Apr 11 #65
If you're only being called "insubordinate" by people who don't know you well.... 70sEraVet Apr 11 #66
Don't accept criticism if it isn't accurate or fair Marthe48 Apr 11 #67
Yeah that sounds very sketchy PatSeg Apr 11 #68
How very disappointing for you. 3catwoman3 Apr 11 #69
Employment - RobinA Apr 12 #70
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