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Unwind Your Mind

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23. I wonder that too
Wed Apr 10, 2024, 11:09 PM
Apr 10

It seems like a violation of privacy for the patients who think they’re writing to their own doctor or staff

I feel your pain. The entire health care system largely sucks for both patients and health care providers... hlthe2b Apr 10 #1
Unbelievable. Bean counters supervising docs Joinfortmill Apr 10 #2
You and me both. Aristus Apr 11 #31
And we need docs so badly now. Such idiots. Joinfortmill Apr 11 #45
Nothing new DENVERPOPS Apr 11 #49
Is your new workplace organized? DJ Synikus Makisimus Apr 10 #3
It's worth exploring. Aristus Apr 11 #32
"Billable encounters" bucolic_frolic Apr 10 #4
Worked in hospitals and medical practices for years. At one hospital, admin ticked off Silent Type Apr 10 #5
Really really sorry Easterncedar Apr 10 #6
Isn't that unethical? Freddie Apr 10 #7
I wonder that too Unwind Your Mind Apr 10 #23
It's not their e-mail boxes; it's their electronic in-boxes. Aristus Apr 11 #33
I don't know anything about how any of this works but it sure sounds sketchy to me. LoisB Apr 10 #8
M4A - Medicare for All! TheRickles Apr 10 #9
M4A won't help in this respect. I support it, but providers will still have to "produce" enough billables. Silent Type Apr 10 #20
Much less money will get siphoned off for adminstative costs (up to 30% in some systems), so in fact TheRickles Apr 11 #29
Doubt it. Providers still have to submit claims, meet coverage guidelines, etc. Providers still have to be Silent Type Apr 11 #30
But the amount of support staff needed to work with all the different filing systems and claims submission systems TheRickles Apr 11 #41
Oh, Artistus. I was so hoping this job would be better. debm55 Apr 10 #10
For a while, it was. Aristus Apr 11 #34
"I'm hoping to get my primary care position soon" malthaussen Apr 11 #50
How well I know! Mme. Defarge Apr 11 #61
My sister was an RN. She worked for one doc, then six, then forty and then two hundred. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #11
Don't allow them to tell you who you are and what you're capable of. onecaliberal Apr 10 #12
Thank you for your wonderful encouragement. Aristus Apr 11 #35
Hugs. You got this! onecaliberal Apr 11 #46
Sorry to hear all that. wendyb-NC Apr 10 #13
Thank you. Aristus Apr 11 #36
Love you back Aristus. mahina Apr 10 #14
Mahalo. Aristus Apr 11 #37
Sounds like you all should meet and begin to organize a Union. Bluethroughu Apr 10 #15
Oh GOODNESS!!! elleng Apr 10 #16
.... sprinkleeninow Apr 10 #17
Well, I do know one thing, and that is that the profit motive is in direct conflict with the needs of PatrickforB Apr 10 #18
They are making retirement look pretty good RainCaster Apr 10 #19
Having medical personnel from completely different departments having access to other Dr and departments' MLAA Apr 10 #21
Thank you. Aristus Apr 11 #38
hugggggggs and love, dear friend. I have been wondering how your niyad Apr 10 #22
Thank you, niyad. Aristus Apr 11 #39
I am so sorry about this, Aristus. Hang in there, and may better times be yours very soon ❤️ Hekate Apr 10 #24
Thank you, Hekate. Aristus Apr 11 #40
Loading multiple tasks on people is endemic. LisaM Apr 10 #25
That's disappointing and abusive. cilla4progress Apr 11 #26
I'm so sorry, Aristus. What those bean-counters did is disgusting. highplainsdem Apr 11 #27
be careful what you wish for Skittles Apr 11 #28
at 1 time we had a lovely public health system, along comes ronald raygun and he guts it by saying AllaN01Bear Apr 11 #42
we now have scheduling at our local hospital. what a blankety blank blank joke . more layers to deal with. AllaN01Bear Apr 11 #43
Hang in there.... Sogo Apr 11 #44
How is this not a HIPAA violation? ECL213 Apr 11 #47
My reaction as well NotASurfer Apr 11 #64
I'm gonna take a wild guess and presume the people who treated you that way were suits with MBAs. malthaussen Apr 11 #48
No. Aristus Apr 11 #52
Qusilings. Maybe Stockholm Syndrome. malthaussen Apr 11 #54
Speaking for myself, if somebody told me in a similar situation that "we're not done yet," cloudbase Apr 11 #51
My PA at Swedish montanacowboy Apr 11 #53
They know the cost of everything KT2000 Apr 11 #55
What those bean counters want to do is outrageous. ShazzieB Apr 11 #56
Making the road painful to that primary care position. If you think you can hold on, good luck. SupportSanity Apr 11 #57
Thanks for your dedication. SouthernDem4ever Apr 11 #58
Bean Counters Redleg Apr 11 #59
It is the age of enshittification Voltaire2 Apr 11 #60
You have a right to feel that you do! AKwannabe Apr 11 #62
See my follow-up thread. It looks like it's been sorted out. Aristus Apr 11 #63
I'll look for it. And I hope you're right - that things have been sorted out. calimary Apr 11 #65
If you're only being called "insubordinate" by people who don't know you well.... 70sEraVet Apr 11 #66
Don't accept criticism if it isn't accurate or fair Marthe48 Apr 11 #67
Yeah that sounds very sketchy PatSeg Apr 11 #68
How very disappointing for you. 3catwoman3 Apr 11 #69
Employment - RobinA Apr 12 #70
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