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As in 'gifting' or 'gifted' calguy Mar 17 #1
No. It's really irritating when used that way. Ocelot II Mar 17 #2
Appears to be acceptable grammar Septua Mar 17 #3
Yes, Gift is a Verb cbabe Mar 17 #4
Yes, it is a bit affected. In terms of art donations, I think it elevates the donation a bit and sounds appropriately CTyankee Mar 17 #7
That's what I love about English -- we can use nouns as verbs if we want to. fierywoman Mar 17 #5
Very much dislike. NoRethugFriends Mar 17 #6
what word would you use instead of grow in that context? CTyankee Mar 17 #8
Never heard that one!! ailsagirl Mar 17 #20
very big in the business world, which thankfully I'm retired from. NoRethugFriends Mar 17 #23
Great news!! 👍👍 ailsagirl Apr 15 #44
I don't but others do. I could care less. Wonder Why Mar 17 #9
While we're at it, "could care less" suggests that you do care, Ocelot II Mar 17 #26
You are correct! I couldn't care less. But I cared fore your reminder. Thanks. Wonder Why Mar 18 #39
I have had to get used to a lot of jarring "acceptable changes" to grammar, spelling, pronunciation hlthe2b Mar 17 #10
"Nucular" is older than GWB Gruenemann Apr 15 #55
I am well aware.. But Merriam Webster only bowed to public pressure after GWB* was mocked widely... hlthe2b Apr 15 #57
Baffled what the objection is unblock Mar 17 #11
Not sure about that. Lots of charities use the word "give" and "giving" in their messaging, as in "charitable giving." CTyankee Mar 17 #12
I'm not arguing against using "give". Just saying nothing's wrong with "gift" as a verb. unblock Mar 17 #13
Good distinction. Hold that line. SarahD Mar 17 #19
I'll leave you know. SarahD Mar 17 #14
"He's a gifted person" shouldn't mean that he got new socks for his birthday. LastDemocratInSC Mar 17 #15
The loss of gave and given Easterncedar Mar 17 #16
Can we diaiogue about this? SarahD Mar 17 #18
It's overused, IMO. I want to get away from something being "impactful, " too. What would you suggest? CTyankee Mar 18 #31
They call me Little Miss Pedantic Language Person. SarahD Mar 17 #17
I think saying "she is a gifted artist" is fine. Calling someone "gifted" is a nice compliment, IMO, if sincerely meant CTyankee Mar 17 #21
No, I would not. sinkingfeeling Mar 17 #22
i'm not comfortable using "gift" as a verb soldierant Mar 17 #24
Don't Think I Have ProfessorGAC Mar 17 #25
No but I'm slow, I missed the memo about it being ok to use "invite" as a noun. Croney Mar 17 #27
Why not? Language is used by speakers and writers cachukis Mar 17 #28
If I gift you by saying yes would you understand? randr Mar 17 #29
Non! Mme. Defarge Mar 17 #30
During the Valentine fund raiser on DU... PJMcK Mar 18 #32
Nope. (nt) Paladin Mar 18 #33
No, but it is a legitimate usage. malthaussen Mar 18 #34
Donating art to museums involves lawyers, contracts, stipulations, rights, etc., it's not really freely 'gifted' Donkees Mar 18 #35
Lend is all but extinct as a verb swimboy Mar 18 #36
Never ever gave it as any thoughts till now. Now Emile Mar 18 #37
I'm sorry... CTyankee Mar 18 #38
Absolutely not. Not Heidi Mar 18 #40
No, not "gift" by itself sakabatou Mar 19 #41
It may be correct, but I'm not a fan of it being used that way. LudwigPastorius Mar 19 #42
Oddly, I think "gift" is a noun, but "regift" is a verb. JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 19 #43
Gift has a clear meaning than give, IMO. ntp AnnaLee Apr 15 #45
Never. Paladin Apr 15 #46
I would say it depends on the context, to be honest. OldBaldy1701E Apr 15 #47
I've never gotten used to Mr.Bill Apr 15 #48
CTyankee ... Upthevibe Apr 15 #49
If you use it to describe an action, yes. Emile Apr 15 #50
Are you a gifted child? Bernardo de La Paz Apr 15 #51
I would not use "gift" as a verb when speaking to wnylib Apr 15 #52
Would you object to the usage as in: "He was a gifted musician"? CTyankee Apr 15 #56
This door is alarmed Dear_Prudence Apr 15 #58
Or, attach a note to the alarmed door sign requesting wnylib Apr 15 #63
Per my post, it depends on whether I was speaking to wnylib Apr 15 #62
Yikes! Dear_Prudence Apr 15 #64
I would not Jilly_in_VA Apr 15 #53
I wouldn't; I find it jarring. But I also wouldn't use "fellowship" as a verb, rsdsharp Apr 15 #54
To be or not to be... Harker Apr 15 #59
Per Merriam Webster ailsagirl Apr 15 #60
Depends on the context. Dulcinea Apr 15 #61
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