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Dale in Laurel MD

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37. There's a French Christmas carol:
Sat May 25, 2024, 06:16 PM
May 25

"Il est ne" (He is born), that most French-speaking children probably learn as English speakers might with "Silent Night," before they're old enough to understand all the words.

The chorus contains the words "Jouez, hautbois" (Play, oboes). But I was too young to know what oboes or hautbois were, so just learned that bit phonetically, by rote. It happens, though, that "Jouez, hautbois" sounds almost exactly like "Jouez aux bois" (Go play in the woods), so for years I thought that for some strange reason we were being told to go play in the woods.

I was probably about 10 when I first saw the words written out, and had my "Oh, that's what it means!" moment.

..I thought Halloween, we were .... thomski64 May 25 #1
LOL. Good one. wnylib May 25 #2
"That's no drive, that's a short putt..." FirstLight May 25 #3
The joke line that my family repeated often wnylib May 25 #6
classic! Love those inside family jokes... FirstLight May 25 #9
Euthanasia EYESORE 9001 May 25 #4
Ha ha!! The kids are alright, leave 'em be!! Leghorn21 May 25 #27
I have 2 pet peeves. LeonidPlanck May 25 #5
Interesting, but the OP is about innocent and amusing childhood wnylib May 25 #7
I may be an adult now, LeonidPlanck May 25 #8
Sounds like you were a precocious child. wnylib May 25 #10
Ha! LeonidPlanck May 25 #12
And, sincerely, LeonidPlanck May 25 #15
Tsk, tsk. You should have used a UV light tube up your rectum. wnylib May 25 #17
Well shucks! LeonidPlanck May 25 #21
Childhood word mistake Different Drummer May 25 #11
I had the reverse problem with f and th. wnylib May 25 #14
I had lots of words that I had trouble with, being a hard of hearing person until they found out by the time SWBTATTReg May 25 #13
My cousin's mother gradually lost her hearing over several years. wnylib May 25 #16
The ability to laugh at one's verbal mistakes/or catching and misunderstanding what was said in a conversation SWBTATTReg May 25 #18
What a beautiful world you lived in due to mis-takes delisen May 25 #19
Farkles and sneachers quaint May 25 #20
My mother in law decided to teach our daughter a thank you for dinner prayer. BoomaofBandM May 25 #22
LOL. On prayers, just before Christmas dinner wnylib May 25 #24
For quite a few years, I couldn't "Get" the words from "Jingle Bells" like chouchou May 25 #23
. wnylib May 25 #25
"Which nobody can be nice" lyrics in the song "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" AnotherMother4Peace May 25 #26
Stop MS OutNow May 25 #28
I was five years old in 1958 Mr.Bill May 25 #29
I remember when "colored" was considered an acceptable word for wnylib May 25 #30
The N word was pretty much prohibited in our house Mr.Bill May 25 #31
I heard the N word very rarely when I was a child. wnylib May 25 #34
It was like that when we moved to California in 1961 Mr.Bill May 25 #39
My father worked at a plant that employed several Black people wnylib May 25 #41
My cousin said helicockter MOMFUDSKI May 25 #32
Hmm. Not gonna touch that one. wnylib May 25 #35
The pledge of allegiance. Lunabell May 25 #33
The Salem version of the pledge. wnylib May 25 #36
Lol Lunabell May 25 #38
There's a French Christmas carol: Dale in Laurel MD May 25 #37
I think that the written word clears up a lot of misunderstandings. wnylib May 25 #40
When I was a toddler, I had trouble with pronouncing the L in clock mzmolly May 25 #42
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