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Guesses.. JT45242 Apr 2024 #1
Nope and nope red dog 1 Apr 2024 #12
"They're the best in town!" brewens Apr 2024 #2
"I like COOOKIES!" Peregrine Took Apr 2024 #3
Kevin from The Office JoseBalow Apr 2024 #5
Just spitballing here - #5 is Night Court Brother Buzz Apr 2024 #4
That was my guess too JoseBalow Apr 2024 #6
LOL, so are we both right or wrong? Brother Buzz Apr 2024 #7
I don't know, it was a toss-up guess for me between Night Court JoseBalow Apr 2024 #8
I wouldn't know 3rd Rock from the Sun if it bit me in the butt, but.... Brother Buzz Apr 2024 #11
It was 3rd Rock red dog 1 May 22 #39
It wasn't Night Court red dog 1 Apr 2024 #14
Nope red dog 1 Apr 2024 #13
Hmm, I got nuttin' Brother Buzz Apr 2024 #17
Super obvious, but that's ok Not Heidi Apr 2024 #9
"Super obvious"? red dog 1 Apr 2024 #15
Sorry for the delay! Not Heidi Apr 2024 #18
OK red dog 1 Apr 2024 #21
The same thing happened to me! Not Heidi Apr 2024 #10
No one? n/t Not Heidi Apr 2024 #19
"I don't know anybody named Heywood Jablome." red dog 1 Apr 2024 #16
Simpsons? Angleae Apr 2024 #22
Nope red dog 1 Apr 2024 #23
Kick XanaDUer2 Apr 2024 #20
Kick XanaDUer2 Apr 2024 #24
"I crush your head!" JoseBalow Apr 2024 #25
"Crush! Crush! Crush!" JoseBalow Apr 28 #27
The Kids In The Hall Mad_Dem_X May 11 #30
You got it! JoseBalow May 11 #31
"Scuttlebug is as common as cooties in your skivvy!" red dog 1 Apr 27 #26
"If I was a man, I'd ball you too. God knows you're easy enough." red dog 1 May 6 #28
"Are you copying Ken's homework?" red dog 1 May 10 #29
"Men are such idiots, and I married their king." red dog 1 May 14 #32
"I couldn't help overhearing your conversation...because I was eavesdropping." red dog 1 May 17 #33
There is a similar line in "The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer" JoseBalow May 17 #34
I just looked it up red dog 1 May 17 #36
It was a great film, with a great cast JoseBalow May 17 #37
I know I heard this on a show very recently --- Two and a Half Men ! eppur_se_muova Jul 7 #61
"If you love your penis, let it go."" JoseBalow May 17 #35
"Guns don't kill people, physics kills people!" red dog 1 May 22 #38
"When I was comin' up it was just Possum. Opossum makes it sound like he's Irish or something." red dog 1 May 28 #40
Good E-ve-ning RazorbackExpat May 29 #41
Alfred Hitchcock Presents JoseBalow May 30 #42
"I'm jealous of everyone not married to you." red dog 1 Jun 2 #43
"Maybe I will have a f***in' drink, for sociability's sake, and 'cause I'm a f***in' drunk." JoseBalow Jun 3 #44
"I've got 8 girls in my stable VGNonly Jun 5 #45
Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute JoseBalow Jun 11 #47
"Its a dog-eat-dog world VGNonly Jun 11 #46
Cheers Angleae Jun 11 #48
For you old-timers: "Just the facts, ma'am." Paladin Jun 11 #49
Dragnet rogerballard Jun 11 #50
Jack Webb, kicking ass and taking names. (nt) Paladin Jun 11 #51
Bazooka Joe rogerballard Jun 11 #52
"Vengeance is a water vessel with a hole. It carries nothing but the promise of emptiness." red dog 1 Jun 14 #53
"Your moms? I didn't sleep with your moms. I slept with Joy!" red dog 1 Jun 20 #54
"You pussies better pray you don't get assigned to my firehouse." red dog 1 Jun 22 #55
"Louis couldn't pick an apple off a tree in his current state." Niagara Jun 25 #56
"Women! You can't live with them, and yet they're everywhere!" red dog 1 Jun 28 #57
"Well, if I were asked to describe your build, I'd say you have, uh, very well developed muscles, red dog 1 Jul 4 #58
The Honeymooners! JoseBalow Jul 4 #59
Ding! red dog 1 Jul 4 #60
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