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It's right up there with "I'll pray for you". Demobrat Jun 3 #1
I'll sacrifice a chicken to Zuul in your name JoseBalow Jun 3 #22
Neither saying bugs me. Positive actions make me feel good. Trueblue1968 Jun 3 #31
I use that one on particularly hypocritical christian types sboatcar Jun 4 #52
Have a rational day Stardust Mirror Jun 3 #2
I like that NJCher Jun 4 #47
It probably triggers negative feelings Tree Lady Jun 3 #3
I don't like it so I just ignore it. Deuxcents Jun 3 #4
i often give money to the homeless... ret5hd Jun 3 #5
How do they answer that??? and I agree..... a kennedy Jun 3 #7
a grin usually. ret5hd Jun 3 #9
Ah...... a kennedy Jun 3 #10
I like your response. beveeheart Jun 3 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Polybius Jun 4 #63
Just respond back... hlthe2b Jun 3 #6
My favorite Southern saying! Dulcinea Jun 4 #61
Same. Sets my teeth on edge. Ugh NT MANative Jun 3 #11
in practice i "take it in the spirit with which it was intended", but i'll draw a distinction between unblock Jun 3 #12
no. It is religious privilege stuffed in your face. Voltaire2 Jun 3 #13
Yes Doc Sportello Jun 3 #32
Receptionist response: Conjuay Jun 5 #72
No. I hate hearing it, especially if directed to me. sinkingfeeling Jun 3 #14
i like- have the kind of day u deserve. mopinko Jun 3 #15
It bugs me too Diamond_Dog Jun 3 #16
It bugs me too. And I know why. It's just presumptuous. 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 3 #17
I hear it so infrequently, it doesn't bother me. Fla Dem Jun 3 #18
Ugh... Yeah Deep State Witch Jun 3 #19
Same here 🌙 Hekate Jun 4 #46
Yes i cant stand it n/t gay texan Jun 3 #20
May you receive all you deserve. quaint Jun 3 #21
Not wrong. Jirel Jun 3 #23
"Eat Fresh!" JoseBalow Jun 3 #24
From Idiocracy. A great movie that no one knows about because Fox killed it. SupportSanity Jun 3 #42
I'm an atheist, and I take it with the positive spirit I believe is usually intended. Doodley Jun 3 #25
Not wrong. Keep your religion to yourself. NoRethugFriends Jun 3 #26
Yeah, it bugs me too Farmer-Rick Jun 3 #27
May the odds be ever in your favor coprolite Jun 3 #28
Beats them saying "go f yourself" Srkdqltr Jun 3 #29
I won't patronize a business that promotes its piety DUgosh Jun 3 #30
I've done the same with MAGA promoters who own businesses True Dough Jun 4 #55
When I was a kid, only used in curses AnnaLee Jun 3 #33
Don't like it. Sometime I answer back, "Blessed Be." Liberal In Texas Jun 3 #34
Don't like it-- the religious overtone is really annoying and feels coercive and cheap. Timeflyer Jun 3 #35
For me, it depends on how it is said, and who is saying it. LuckyCharms Jun 3 #36
Someone took my suggestion of replying back with, "Blessed Be." TlalocW Jun 3 #37
You're not wrong. soldierant Jun 3 #38
It's annoying and unnecessary but I just ignore it. Usually I hear this from a cashier or someone just doing their job. dameatball Jun 3 #39
I take it as a form of courtesy from people from a particular background. hay rick Jun 3 #40
You're not alone. Laffy Kat Jun 3 #41
For me, not worth getting upset over! If it makes someone feel better about their day, good on them! Floyd R. Turbo Jun 3 #43
Arrogance. Pure arrogance. Have a blessed day. SupportSanity Jun 3 #44
I will look forward to that response ! NJCher Jun 4 #48
We all have our quirks and whatnots. Niagara Jun 3 #45
I just say thank you. zanana1 Jun 4 #49
I do find it rather presumptuous, but on a scale of 1-10, it's... 3catwoman3 Jun 4 #50
I hate it DBoon Jun 4 #51
I'm always surprised by the sense of pity I feel for those who say that. Think. Again. Jun 4 #53
Not in the least... me too!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 4 #54
All Hail Satan is a good comeback. Marcus IM Jun 4 #56
I'm amazed at how many people here are insulted by someone with good intentions, giving them their best wishes. Wonder Why Jun 4 #57
You are assuming good intentions were always involved. Lars39 Jun 5 #65
I made no such statement. Don't "assume" that from my response. Wonder Why Jun 5 #66
It is right in your subject line. "...someone with good intentions..." Lars39 Jun 5 #67
Because people in this thread (and in others) have expressed disdain over anyone who says something Wonder Why Jun 5 #68
I've had a few occasions where someone has said, "'Eid Mubarak," or "Blessed Eid" True Dough Jun 4 #58
Who cares if it's right or wrong? I hate it too. malthaussen Jun 4 #59
I answer with.."and may the force be with you..." Tikki Jun 4 #60
Have a blessed day and... Sealark91 Jun 4 #62
No malaise Jun 5 #64
Yeah, I don't like it. It's wearing one's supposed righteousness on one's sleeve. Aristus Jun 5 #69
Abrabackatcha! JoseBalow Jun 5 #70
I mutter Conjuay Jun 5 #71
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