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31. Sausage Rolls
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 08:53 AM
Oct 2012

New shop opened by a lovely, older, Vietnamese couple and they make sausage rolls and the dough around them is soft and sweet and everything as it should be.

Otherwise something filled with lemon creme.

Favorite Doughnut Type... [View all] HopeHoops Oct 2012 OP
Context PLEASE!!!! Taverner Oct 2012 #1
E-GADS! Doughnuts with beer? You're either looking to ralph or get the shits. Even Apple Fritters. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #2
You never spent time with a bunch of Canadians have you... Taverner Oct 2012 #9
Actually, yes. I've eaten in the Toronto Needle and been to Montreal's St. Catherine Street. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #11
Timmy's sells beer? baldguy Oct 2012 #66
Timmy's? HopeHoops Oct 2012 #67
If you don't know who or what Timmy's is... baldguy Oct 2012 #70
I've been to Toronto and Montreal. That's it. The strip joints are good, but I never saw a Timmy's. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #71
That's how we spend the opening of hockey season, eating homemade doughnuts and back-bacon Brickbat Oct 2012 #42
Shits on ice? HopeHoops Oct 2012 #43
Stomachs of steel. Brickbat Oct 2012 #44
Or at least undies of steel with some REALLY absorbent material inside. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #45
Krispy Kreme. Moondog Oct 2012 #3
The best ones come from our local family-owned grocery store chain. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #5
Frosted treestar Oct 2012 #4
prefer white frosting with chopped peanuts dembotoz Oct 2012 #30
Old Fashioned DearHeart Oct 2012 #6
That would be "plain cake". HopeHoops Oct 2012 #7
I thought that was buttermilk? Duer 157099 Oct 2012 #12
No, those would qualify for "frosted". I meant just plain cake. No toppings, no nothing. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #14
That is what I like libodem Oct 2012 #49
No, plain cake donut is just a regular round donut with nothing on it. DearHeart Oct 2012 #18
What you described is at least what I had in mind by "plain cake". I can see the confusion... HopeHoops Oct 2012 #32
Things get really confusing for me sometimes, due to regional names DearHeart Oct 2012 #64
Maple bar with bacon on top from Voodoo Doughnuts. Yum! oregonjen Oct 2012 #8
E-FUCKING-GADS! HopeHoops Oct 2012 #10
For. The. Win. flying rabbit Oct 2012 #13
I just drank & reviewed the Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale last it HarveyDarkey Oct 2012 #15
bookmarked that website irisblue Oct 2012 #29
Work a block away from Voodoo (Eugene) Spike89 Oct 2012 #54
Not sure of the type: Looks like a farm tractor big tire Populist_Prole Oct 2012 #16
That's cruller. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #17
Well whaddya know! Populist_Prole Oct 2012 #28
Since you didn't mention the Beignet ashling Oct 2012 #19
i love beignets fizzgig Oct 2012 #21
Apple cider doughnuts. GoneOffShore Oct 2012 #20
The bagel type of doughnut. kwassa Oct 2012 #22
Sopapilla with honey OriginalGeek Oct 2012 #23
When I see the words "dough nut" together, I think of Mitt Romney Bucky Oct 2012 #24
Anything from a local family owned bakery........ mrmpa Oct 2012 #25
Glazed buttermilk bar... and a chocolate-covered old-fashioned... petronius Oct 2012 #26
What category is an apple fritter? Cruller, glazed, category of its own? aint_no_life_nowhere Oct 2012 #27
Fritters are in a class by themselves. I only had ten options to work with. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #33
I vote apple fritter. sadbear Oct 2012 #35
Sausage Rolls CBGLuthier Oct 2012 #31
I think lemon creme is my absolute favorite, with crullers being a close second. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #34
Apple Fritters, Oh my Lord. Those things ought to be declared a sin, ywcachieve Oct 2012 #36
My wife made corn fritters a few weeks ago. I was in heaven. Damn I love those things. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #37
I know exactly what you mean. ywcachieve Oct 2012 #48
(melt) HopeHoops Oct 2012 #50
I placed the edge on Boston Kreme Xyzse Oct 2012 #38
Bear claw. geardaddy Oct 2012 #39
I file that under "pastry". HopeHoops Oct 2012 #40
Yup libodem Oct 2012 #51
Maple bars! n/t We are Devo Oct 2012 #41
Glazed Cake Donuts benld74 Oct 2012 #46
Cruller. it has such a nice texture. IcyPeas Oct 2012 #47
it's actually a tie barbtries Oct 2012 #52
Well, technically "filled" counts. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #55
The one in Krispy Kreme that looks like a Boston Creme Lucy Fer Oct 2012 #53
Eclaires? HopeHoops Oct 2012 #56
No I think it's Bavarian Lucy Fer Oct 2012 #57
I checked the glazed..... a kennedy Oct 2012 #58
Never been to that state. Our local family-owned grocery chain has the best around here. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #59
French Crullers cheezmaka Oct 2012 #60
krispy kremes AsahinaKimi Oct 2012 #61
Raised chocolate-frosted. TwilightGardener Oct 2012 #62
Hot Krispy Kreme glazed. trof Oct 2012 #63
HOLY FUCKING DEEP FRIED DOUGH, BATMAN! I didn't think this thread would go THIS far. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #65
I've always been partial to fastnachts. baldguy Oct 2012 #68
Not a DOUGHnut. Ptttthhhh. But yeah, those are good. I'm not Christian, but I like them. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #69
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