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In reply to the discussion: Favorite Doughnut Type... [View all]
Favorite Doughnut Type... [View all] HopeHoops Oct 2012 OP
Context PLEASE!!!! Taverner Oct 2012 #1
E-GADS! Doughnuts with beer? You're either looking to ralph or get the shits. Even Apple Fritters. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #2
You never spent time with a bunch of Canadians have you... Taverner Oct 2012 #9
Actually, yes. I've eaten in the Toronto Needle and been to Montreal's St. Catherine Street. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #11
Timmy's sells beer? baldguy Oct 2012 #66
Timmy's? HopeHoops Oct 2012 #67
If you don't know who or what Timmy's is... baldguy Oct 2012 #70
I've been to Toronto and Montreal. That's it. The strip joints are good, but I never saw a Timmy's. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #71
That's how we spend the opening of hockey season, eating homemade doughnuts and back-bacon Brickbat Oct 2012 #42
Shits on ice? HopeHoops Oct 2012 #43
Stomachs of steel. Brickbat Oct 2012 #44
Or at least undies of steel with some REALLY absorbent material inside. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #45
Krispy Kreme. Moondog Oct 2012 #3
The best ones come from our local family-owned grocery store chain. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #5
Frosted treestar Oct 2012 #4
prefer white frosting with chopped peanuts dembotoz Oct 2012 #30
Old Fashioned DearHeart Oct 2012 #6
That would be "plain cake". HopeHoops Oct 2012 #7
I thought that was buttermilk? Duer 157099 Oct 2012 #12
No, those would qualify for "frosted". I meant just plain cake. No toppings, no nothing. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #14
That is what I like libodem Oct 2012 #49
No, plain cake donut is just a regular round donut with nothing on it. DearHeart Oct 2012 #18
What you described is at least what I had in mind by "plain cake". I can see the confusion... HopeHoops Oct 2012 #32
Things get really confusing for me sometimes, due to regional names DearHeart Oct 2012 #64
Maple bar with bacon on top from Voodoo Doughnuts. Yum! oregonjen Oct 2012 #8
E-FUCKING-GADS! HopeHoops Oct 2012 #10
For. The. Win. flying rabbit Oct 2012 #13
I just drank & reviewed the Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale last it HarveyDarkey Oct 2012 #15
bookmarked that website irisblue Oct 2012 #29
Work a block away from Voodoo (Eugene) Spike89 Oct 2012 #54
Not sure of the type: Looks like a farm tractor big tire Populist_Prole Oct 2012 #16
That's cruller. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #17
Well whaddya know! Populist_Prole Oct 2012 #28
Since you didn't mention the Beignet ashling Oct 2012 #19
i love beignets fizzgig Oct 2012 #21
Apple cider doughnuts. GoneOffShore Oct 2012 #20
The bagel type of doughnut. kwassa Oct 2012 #22
Sopapilla with honey OriginalGeek Oct 2012 #23
When I see the words "dough nut" together, I think of Mitt Romney Bucky Oct 2012 #24
Anything from a local family owned bakery........ mrmpa Oct 2012 #25
Glazed buttermilk bar... and a chocolate-covered old-fashioned... petronius Oct 2012 #26
What category is an apple fritter? Cruller, glazed, category of its own? aint_no_life_nowhere Oct 2012 #27
Fritters are in a class by themselves. I only had ten options to work with. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #33
I vote apple fritter. sadbear Oct 2012 #35
Sausage Rolls CBGLuthier Oct 2012 #31
I think lemon creme is my absolute favorite, with crullers being a close second. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #34
Apple Fritters, Oh my Lord. Those things ought to be declared a sin, ywcachieve Oct 2012 #36
My wife made corn fritters a few weeks ago. I was in heaven. Damn I love those things. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #37
I know exactly what you mean. ywcachieve Oct 2012 #48
(melt) HopeHoops Oct 2012 #50
I placed the edge on Boston Kreme Xyzse Oct 2012 #38
Bear claw. geardaddy Oct 2012 #39
I file that under "pastry". HopeHoops Oct 2012 #40
Yup libodem Oct 2012 #51
Maple bars! n/t We are Devo Oct 2012 #41
Glazed Cake Donuts benld74 Oct 2012 #46
Cruller. it has such a nice texture. IcyPeas Oct 2012 #47
it's actually a tie barbtries Oct 2012 #52
Well, technically "filled" counts. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #55
The one in Krispy Kreme that looks like a Boston Creme Lucy Fer Oct 2012 #53
Eclaires? HopeHoops Oct 2012 #56
No I think it's Bavarian Lucy Fer Oct 2012 #57
I checked the glazed..... a kennedy Oct 2012 #58
Never been to that state. Our local family-owned grocery chain has the best around here. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #59
French Crullers cheezmaka Oct 2012 #60
krispy kremes AsahinaKimi Oct 2012 #61
Raised chocolate-frosted. TwilightGardener Oct 2012 #62
Hot Krispy Kreme glazed. trof Oct 2012 #63
HOLY FUCKING DEEP FRIED DOUGH, BATMAN! I didn't think this thread would go THIS far. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #65
I've always been partial to fastnachts. baldguy Oct 2012 #68
Not a DOUGHnut. Ptttthhhh. But yeah, those are good. I'm not Christian, but I like them. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #69
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