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27. I've heard some guys say
Mon Jan 7, 2013, 09:07 PM
Jan 2013

that they thought Stetson was cheapo garbage stuff.

Well I'm here to tell everyone...

back in the early 1990s I lived with a guy who used it mixed with a few drops of patchouli oil.

It drove the women crazy.

I loved it. It was his signature scent, and you could always tell when he had just left the room. It never did wash out of his shirts.

Mr Pipi occasionally uses it without the patchouli oil. I still like it on him.

Hai Karate sharp_stick Jan 2013 #1
Looks like absinthe! Taverner Jan 2013 #3
Tastes like the back end of a ferret. n/t GoneOffShore Jan 2013 #4
No they quit making it in the 80's sharp_stick Jan 2013 #40
Mennen Skin Bracer was good enough for my dad rocktivity Jan 2013 #2
My Dad used that. Chellee Jan 2013 #31
British Sterling. ohiosmith Jan 2013 #5
I remember that stuff... Taverner Jan 2013 #6
All I recall is that it was a hickey magnet! ohiosmith Jan 2013 #12
my dad used that and english leather. :-) GreenPartyVoter Jan 2013 #24
Another + for British Sterling. Graybeard Jan 2013 #33
I used to use on called "Tabac" geardaddy Jan 2013 #7
Old Spice. That's the only aftershave my dad wore. Arkansas Granny Jan 2013 #8
Trouble warrprayer Jan 2013 #9
Axe for Geezers... lame54 Jan 2013 #10
I voted Old Spice - but Lilac Vegetal deserves mention. trackfan Jan 2013 #11
English Leather. I wore it all through high school. Aristus Jan 2013 #13
This is one reason why I should be doing advertising. A Simple Game Jan 2013 #48
Bravo! Aristus Jan 2013 #49
When I was a kid... LP2K12 Jan 2013 #14
What the hell makes you think those are OLD????????????????? HereSince1628 Jan 2013 #15
For the love of all that is decent, please help me vote up Z_I_Peevey Jan 2013 #16
Old Spice Classic is Awesome! Taverner Jan 2013 #17
Ack. Z_I_Peevey Jan 2013 #18
I thought his underwear hamper smelled like onions and cat urine? Taverner Jan 2013 #19
Could be. But probably that's just his breath. Z_I_Peevey Jan 2013 #20
OK, I voted Bay Rum siligut Jan 2013 #23
I voted for Brut. Chellee Jan 2013 #32
I like libodem Jan 2013 #21
Polo pipi_k Jan 2013 #26
So funny libodem Jan 2013 #39
I dated a woman who called it geardaddy Jan 2013 #47
No Sex Panther? Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2013 #22
I like them all but like Ice Blue ( Aqua Velva ) best Populist_Prole Jan 2013 #25
It reminds me of my first date. Z_I_Peevey Jan 2013 #35
I am going to guess the car you were in....tell me if I'm right Taverner Jan 2013 #41
Close... Z_I_Peevey Jan 2013 #45
I've heard some guys say pipi_k Jan 2013 #27
Stetson kind of smells like horse shit doesn't it? n/t doc03 Jan 2013 #52
I never actually pipi_k Jan 2013 #55
I'm a turpentine man, myself Brother Buzz Jan 2013 #28
I don't ever use it... but Agschmid Jan 2013 #29
Never fails DryHump Jan 2013 #30
I liked the '60s version of Old Spice Art_from_Ark Jan 2013 #34
Old Spice jingle. Graybeard Jan 2013 #37
I don't remember hearing the words to the jingle Art_from_Ark Jan 2013 #38
Old Spice. Brigid Jan 2013 #36
london gentleman or blackbeard's delight datasuspect Jan 2013 #42
It's called Sex Panther by Odeon. It's illegal in ... siligut Jan 2013 #43
... Taverner Jan 2013 #44
Kouros since only 1981, been using it since 1985 benld74 Jan 2013 #46
Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene...very subtle and MANLY! trof Jan 2013 #50
Bourbon. fleur-de-lisa Jan 2013 #51
I always liked Brut the best (nt) bigwillq Jan 2013 #53
I'm old and kind of like Brut and British Sterling n/t doc03 Jan 2013 #54
Geez.... llmart Jan 2013 #56
I would be lost when it comes to dimestore perfumes pour les femmes Taverner Jan 2013 #58
Many of the ones I used to wear are still for sale. llmart Jan 2013 #60
Old Spice... mwdem Jan 2013 #57
Gin Throd Jan 2013 #59
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