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58. I would be lost when it comes to dimestore perfumes pour les femmes
Thu Jan 10, 2013, 02:15 PM
Jan 2013

When I ripened and became a legal male, Eternity for her/him was all the rage. Also was Obsession for her/him...

Now I go to CVS and see those are both "dime store" perfumes

I am old too

Hai Karate sharp_stick Jan 2013 #1
Looks like absinthe! Taverner Jan 2013 #3
Tastes like the back end of a ferret. n/t GoneOffShore Jan 2013 #4
No they quit making it in the 80's sharp_stick Jan 2013 #40
Mennen Skin Bracer was good enough for my dad rocktivity Jan 2013 #2
My Dad used that. Chellee Jan 2013 #31
British Sterling. ohiosmith Jan 2013 #5
I remember that stuff... Taverner Jan 2013 #6
All I recall is that it was a hickey magnet! ohiosmith Jan 2013 #12
my dad used that and english leather. :-) GreenPartyVoter Jan 2013 #24
Another + for British Sterling. Graybeard Jan 2013 #33
I used to use on called "Tabac" geardaddy Jan 2013 #7
Old Spice. That's the only aftershave my dad wore. Arkansas Granny Jan 2013 #8
Trouble warrprayer Jan 2013 #9
Axe for Geezers... lame54 Jan 2013 #10
I voted Old Spice - but Lilac Vegetal deserves mention. trackfan Jan 2013 #11
English Leather. I wore it all through high school. Aristus Jan 2013 #13
This is one reason why I should be doing advertising. A Simple Game Jan 2013 #48
Bravo! Aristus Jan 2013 #49
When I was a kid... LP2K12 Jan 2013 #14
What the hell makes you think those are OLD????????????????? HereSince1628 Jan 2013 #15
For the love of all that is decent, please help me vote up Z_I_Peevey Jan 2013 #16
Old Spice Classic is Awesome! Taverner Jan 2013 #17
Ack. Z_I_Peevey Jan 2013 #18
I thought his underwear hamper smelled like onions and cat urine? Taverner Jan 2013 #19
Could be. But probably that's just his breath. Z_I_Peevey Jan 2013 #20
OK, I voted Bay Rum siligut Jan 2013 #23
I voted for Brut. Chellee Jan 2013 #32
I like libodem Jan 2013 #21
Polo pipi_k Jan 2013 #26
So funny libodem Jan 2013 #39
I dated a woman who called it geardaddy Jan 2013 #47
No Sex Panther? Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2013 #22
I like them all but like Ice Blue ( Aqua Velva ) best Populist_Prole Jan 2013 #25
It reminds me of my first date. Z_I_Peevey Jan 2013 #35
I am going to guess the car you were in....tell me if I'm right Taverner Jan 2013 #41
Close... Z_I_Peevey Jan 2013 #45
I've heard some guys say pipi_k Jan 2013 #27
Stetson kind of smells like horse shit doesn't it? n/t doc03 Jan 2013 #52
I never actually pipi_k Jan 2013 #55
I'm a turpentine man, myself Brother Buzz Jan 2013 #28
I don't ever use it... but Agschmid Jan 2013 #29
Never fails DryHump Jan 2013 #30
I liked the '60s version of Old Spice Art_from_Ark Jan 2013 #34
Old Spice jingle. Graybeard Jan 2013 #37
I don't remember hearing the words to the jingle Art_from_Ark Jan 2013 #38
Old Spice. Brigid Jan 2013 #36
london gentleman or blackbeard's delight datasuspect Jan 2013 #42
It's called Sex Panther by Odeon. It's illegal in ... siligut Jan 2013 #43
... Taverner Jan 2013 #44
Kouros since only 1981, been using it since 1985 benld74 Jan 2013 #46
Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene...very subtle and MANLY! trof Jan 2013 #50
Bourbon. fleur-de-lisa Jan 2013 #51
I always liked Brut the best (nt) bigwillq Jan 2013 #53
I'm old and kind of like Brut and British Sterling n/t doc03 Jan 2013 #54
Geez.... llmart Jan 2013 #56
I would be lost when it comes to dimestore perfumes pour les femmes Taverner Jan 2013 #58
Many of the ones I used to wear are still for sale. llmart Jan 2013 #60
Old Spice... mwdem Jan 2013 #57
Gin Throd Jan 2013 #59
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