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20. hmm
Sun Dec 11, 2011, 06:11 PM
Dec 2011

so, I could have been on forced ignore and just didn't know it.

but, if some admin is spending the time putting me on forced ignore, they probably had too much time on their hands. 95% of my posts have been pretty innocuous.

Hey! Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2011 #1
It is Great to see you! I tried to say hey a couple of times when we were on defcon but never caught ScreamingMeemie Dec 2011 #2
I am thinking they might... Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2011 #3
I hope so too... ScreamingMeemie Dec 2011 #4
clean slate Kali Dec 2011 #5
That is awesome! ScreamingMeemie Dec 2011 #6
it got weird, didn't it? Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2011 #8
Super weird. ScreamingMeemie Dec 2011 #9
me either Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2011 #13
gosh darn it Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2011 #7
I am so glad you and I did not have to be in that place! CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2011 #10
New place. New rules. ScreamingMeemie Dec 2011 #11
So do I! CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2011 #12
My forced ignore person got a granite pizza delivery later on. Bolo Boffin Dec 2011 #14
I've never ignored anybody NewJeffCT Dec 2011 #15
Forced Ignores are not necessarily by Your choice. Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2011 #19
hmm NewJeffCT Dec 2011 #20
you would have known without a shadow of a doubt if you had been placed on Forced Ignore with Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2011 #21
I wonder if I was ever on forced ignore. kayakjohnny Dec 2011 #16
You would have been notified by Skinner. ScreamingMeemie Dec 2011 #17
Hi! madinmaryland Dec 2011 #18
Hey! ScreamingMeemie Dec 2011 #22
Don't let Skinner know! Odin2005 Dec 2011 #23
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