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7. I'm not a fan of Microsoft, really, truly, but...
Tue Jan 24, 2012, 07:10 AM
Jan 2012

Microsoft Word is the single greatest piece of software ever written in the history of this planet earth.

There I said it.

Microsoft Excel not far behind...

They just work. I love having a Linux or Apple machine around, but I always have to keep a windows box too so I can run MS Word and Excel.

I tried it a few years ago and decided to revert back to using my really old Office Suite Lionessa Jan 2012 #1
For anyone who uses Word on a regular basis, it would suck liberal N proud Jan 2012 #2
Open Office meets my needs, plus it is free. n/t RebelOne Jan 2012 #3
I think if you've been a user of MS Office for years, the Open Office suite can be frustrating Old and In the Way Jan 2012 #4
What sort of work are you doing? It sounds hideous... hunter Jan 2012 #5
Microsoft Office for Mac does suck Art_from_Ark Jan 2012 #18
Both Open Office and MS Office suck - WordPerfect Office RULES! csziggy Jan 2012 #6
My first WordPerfect was 5.0 for DOS, I'm now using X5. hobbit709 Jan 2012 #8
I was introduced to WordPerfect with their first Windows version csziggy Jan 2012 #16
WordStar was the best - exactly the same interface on all platforms. HopeHoops Jan 2012 #10
My Mom used WordStar and loved it csziggy Jan 2012 #15
Wordstar was pretty cool, but then Wordstar 2000 came out and blew everything away... TreasonousBastard Jan 2012 #19
I still have it on an Apple II with a Z-80 card and an 80 column card. HopeHoops Jan 2012 #23
I LOVED WordStar MorningGlow Jan 2012 #26
I've still got WP12 around for when... TreasonousBastard Jan 2012 #20
I've been buying software from my source for years with no problems csziggy Jan 2012 #21
Between Reveal Codes and PDF export, I couldn't see using anything else... TreasonousBastard Jan 2012 #22
The PDF export was a really nice surprise with X4 csziggy Jan 2012 #24
I've had both WP11 and 12 work on 7. hobbit709 Jan 2012 #27
I think my old version was WP 10 or maybe even 8 csziggy Jan 2012 #28
You lost me a little there... TreasonousBastard Jan 2012 #29
It may have been in one of my earlier versions - I just didn't need it csziggy Jan 2012 #30
Master Documents! The brilliant invention from hell... TreasonousBastard Jan 2012 #31
If I approach it like a website and put the content as just text csziggy Jan 2012 #32
I'm not a fan of Microsoft, really, truly, but... limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #7
I have gotten a great deal of mileage out of MS Word Orrex Jan 2012 #14
Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel. HopeHoops Jan 2012 #9
I gave up on it - Excel is 100 times easier to use PVnRT Jan 2012 #11
I concur Orrex Jan 2012 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby Jan 2012 #25
You can have my volkswriter when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.... AngryAmish Jan 2012 #12
Well, the price is right. deucemagnet Jan 2012 #17
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