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25. Another juror member sent me a PM with the full alert and comments of each juror.
Tue Jul 30, 2013, 02:27 PM
Jul 2013

Perhaps the person sending the alert hasn't read the classics.


Thank you.

I only looked at the pictures TexasTowelie Jul 2013 #1
does Myra Breckenridge count? azurnoir Jul 2013 #2
Our young minds were curious. Those were good books. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #5
I was probably around that same age when I found a rather graphic historical romance novel nomorenomore08 Jul 2013 #3
Portnoy's Complaint Teamster Jeff Jul 2013 #4
I remember reading that when I was a teenager. It shocked me too. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #6
Candy by Terry Southern panader0 Jul 2013 #7
I read that one. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #9
"Candy" swept through my 9th grade class like a contagion. Paladin Jul 2013 #27
My first too.... pipi_k Jul 2013 #11
remember the movie of Candy? SCantiGOP Aug 2013 #61
Candy was my first too! solara Jul 2013 #23
That was my first, too. nt valerief Aug 2013 #64
Myra Breckenridge BainsBane Jul 2013 #8
I always enjoyed my sick days at home alone. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #10
The adventurers.....I think. cliffordu Jul 2013 #12
The Happy Hooker by Xaviera Hollander... Tom_Foolery Jul 2013 #13
One Friday afternoon, Xaviera Hollander gave a speech at Kingsboro College ... In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #39
Me too. RiffRandell Jul 2013 #47
I must have been 8 or 9 Xyzse Jul 2013 #14
The Harrad Experiment. bluedigger Jul 2013 #15
Hell I was 11, and I read a REAL porn... MicaelS Jul 2013 #16
Hollywood Wives LadyHawkAZ Jul 2013 #17
Story of O HarveyDarkey Jul 2013 #18
One of my favorites! In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #19
The Jury was unanimous... SomethingFishy Jul 2013 #20
Another juror member sent me a PM with the full alert and comments of each juror. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #25
Mine was the "pull that stick out of your ass" comment SomethingFishy Jul 2013 #31
Thank you ~ Juror #1 In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #36
Post removed Post removed Jul 2013 #21
Lady Chatterley's lover olddots Jul 2013 #22
Three Men and Diana. antiquie Jul 2013 #24
I can't remember the name but I was 18 when I did. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #26
Sears Catalog, women's underwear section rurallib Jul 2013 #28
Finally, antiquie Jul 2013 #30
Hardcore pornography? 9."Lad Mad" was the title Tom Ripley Jul 2013 #29
It wasn't exactly pornographic...but my mom was surprised. CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2013 #32
I led a very sheltered early childhood. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #41
She should NOT have done that to you... CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2013 #44
Today, I feel sorry for her. Obviously she was sick inside. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #45
YW... CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2013 #46
Stepmother confiscates books on Freud... Locut0s Jul 2013 #50
Like so many women in my past ... it was/is jealousy. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #53
I can't remember the title. LWolf Jul 2013 #33
The Pearl - by Anonymous IcyPeas Jul 2013 #34
My step-mom's bookshelf also contained The Pearl, which I read. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #37
Yeah, I acquired a paperback of that one when I was a teen. Paladin Jul 2013 #52
Peyton Place trof Jul 2013 #35
My second stepmother burned my copy. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #43
Not sure if it was the first but Dyedinthewoolliberal Jul 2013 #38
I'll have to google that one. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #58
It circulated the barracks Dyedinthewoolliberal Jul 2013 #59
Wow! That was quite a bit more than I expected. And it's so old, from the 1800s. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #60
I literally found The Story of O in a ditch when I was about fourteen. nolabear Jul 2013 #40
Hahaha! In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #42
The Old Testament Kaleva Jul 2013 #48
Ding ding ding! My thoughts exactly! NickB79 Jul 2013 #54
Why would the bible have to tell people that? In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #56
Fanny Hill : Memoirs of A Woman of Pleasure... Locut0s Jul 2013 #49
I don't recall which was first, I remember which was best. Chan790 Jul 2013 #51
Those were all good/interesting books. In_The_Wind Jul 2013 #55
I read 'Portnoy' about 10 years ago (at age 18/19). Brilliant, hilarious book. nomorenomore08 Jul 2013 #57
Perfumed and Powdered Still Blue in PDX Aug 2013 #62
Not sure, but it was a hardcover for sure. Easier to hold with one hand. bluesbassman Aug 2013 #63
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