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11. We have a 2007 Red Toyota Camry Hybrid with a moon roof, 74000 miles
Fri Mar 21, 2014, 01:21 AM
Mar 2014

I picked it out for the sensible reasons (roomy, comfortable, safety, Hybrid), but got the cherry red one
with the moon roof because hubby thought that was sporty enough for his ego. Speaking of safety:
we were rear-ended at a stop light, I'd guess at about 15 mph, and the rear bumper just popped right
back out ... no damage at all.

Per Kelly Blue Book, its worth over $11,000, and one in only fair condition is $10,580.

In 2008, I bought a 1999 Dodge Caravan from a dealer in great condition with 69,000 miles and two previous
owners but no record of maintenance or repairs, and it was a deal at $4000. Not exactly what
the average 19 year old would want, but still above your price range, and that was way back
in 2008 for a 9 year old van with no special anything in it anywhere.

How much driving is she going to do? The van worked well for us because I was unemployed,
and only drove a few miles a week, and once a month did a 200 mile round trip to visit family.
(Unfortunately I totalled it in August of last year. )

If she is going to do heavy driving, I would be concerned about the reliability and safety of the vehicles
in that price range. If you are buying from an owner, which may be cheaper, check the tires. Might
be oil leaks or other problems not easily detected.

Just my opinion. Hopefully it's wrong!

First car for my 19yo daughter? [View all] Flying Squirrel Mar 2014 OP
At that price range I think you're buying the seller, not the car. LeftyMom Mar 2014 #1
Not true LoveMyCali Mar 2014 #16
My best friend has a Kia Soul. It's a nice car, and I'd recommend it if it were in the winter is coming Mar 2014 #34
The first new car Mom ever owned was a Hyundai KamaAina Mar 2014 #22
Subaru Impreza sir pball Mar 2014 #2
I was going to suggest looking for a Subaru in that price range. Fridays Child Mar 2014 #3
I really liked my GL, and the Forester blossomed into true love sir pball Mar 2014 #4
One of these days, I'm going to need to replace my current vehicle. Fridays Child Mar 2014 #5
I'd actually love a hybrid, too.. sir pball Mar 2014 #12
I would be very suprised if you could find a decent Honda or Suburu for that price BainsBane Mar 2014 #6
Have seen a few decent-looking ones at that price but Flying Squirrel Mar 2014 #8
It's a bad time of year to be shopping in that price range. LeftyMom Mar 2014 #9
Good point... but tell that to my daughter ;) Flying Squirrel Mar 2014 #10
Honda or Subaru.... Demo_Chris Mar 2014 #7
We have a 2007 Red Toyota Camry Hybrid with a moon roof, 74000 miles DebJ Mar 2014 #11
Volvos are the safest. grasswire Mar 2014 #13
Unfortunately, they are notorious for electrical gremlins. Gravitycollapse Mar 2014 #14
that's what finally did in my 240 fizzgig Mar 2014 #26
As a teenager, I did everything possible to destroy my Accord. The thing was a tank. Gravitycollapse Mar 2014 #15
"...definition of reliable." Raffi Ella Mar 2014 #21
Teach that young woman how to drive a stick shift. Frank Cannon Mar 2014 #17
i miss my manual fizzgig Mar 2014 #27
Better acceleration, more control. Frank Cannon Mar 2014 #36
Our 2008 Corolla 5-speed manual gets 38 mpg on the highway. Enraged_Ape Mar 2014 #39
My 15 yr old Honda CRV has 259k miles. Still going strong for my 17 yr old daughter riderinthestorm Mar 2014 #18
Homda just rolled it's UncleYoder Mar 2014 #19
Corolla MissMillie Mar 2014 #20
Yep. I voted for the Camry because I drive one and I love it, but Pool Hall Ace Mar 2014 #37
The earlier Saturns were pretty reliable and you won't find an inch of rust on them. Gidney N Cloyd Mar 2014 #23
The engines tend to run hot as they age, so it's good to always have some oil in the trunk. winter is coming Mar 2014 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author fizzgig Mar 2014 #24
It's her money, I'm only contributing about 200 or so as a birthday present. n/t Flying Squirrel Mar 2014 #28
gotcha fizzgig Mar 2014 #29
Horse and Buggy? LynneSin Mar 2014 #25
so would a bus pass... Callmecrazy Mar 2014 #30
Buses are too boxy ;) Flying Squirrel Mar 2014 #32
non-boxy Volvo marzipanni Mar 2014 #31
I have an '04 Camry that drives 840high Mar 2014 #33
What about Toyota Corolla? That's not on your list. cui bono Mar 2014 #38
Good point, added it Flying Squirrel Mar 2014 #40
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