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No. And why in the hell would I? rug Oct 2014 #1
For the same reason you might solve a crossword. NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #4
Bwah-ha-HAH!1 DUzy !1 UTUSN Oct 2014 #24
Wow, your giant Sodoku is hurting the brain in my head!!1 NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #28
Can you write the next line in mine?!1 If so, you can do the whole thing!1 n/t UTUSN Oct 2014 #37
I tried a little bit, need to try some more! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #38
Your example only uses two nines. surrealAmerican Oct 2014 #2
Bwah!!! You are correct, hang on..... should be 9/9 to the ninth power! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #3
In that case ... surrealAmerican Oct 2014 #5
2! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #6
Got it! TexasTowelie Oct 2014 #7
Well done! You win this clock! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #8
I have no clue about the symbol. TexasTowelie Oct 2014 #11
Oh, good! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #12
Okay, I found the answer about the symbol on the clock. TexasTowelie Oct 2014 #25
You win Two Clocks! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #26
Okay, that would be great TexasTowelie Oct 2014 #27
I think 12 could also be expressed as Art_from_Ark Oct 2014 #9
Or this Paulie Oct 2014 #10
Sqrt this! rug Oct 2014 #13
The Maths! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #14
rumor is this thread needs some help magical thyme Oct 2014 #15
Wow, Nine Kittehs with Nine Lives each!!! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #17
Not enough kittens in your post ashling Oct 2014 #34
no time to do 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 magical thyme Oct 2014 #40
No, SKP, but I love you anyway!!! elleng Oct 2014 #16
Trying to stimulate my brain, elleng! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #18
Well, I understand, SKP, elleng Oct 2014 #20
You'll have a lovely time! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #21
Yes, I expect we will, only til Sunday when he leaves, elleng Oct 2014 #23
Here to save the thread: The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2014 #19
My bad, my best friend told me in no uncertain terms that cats LOVE maths! Trustworthy? Maybe not! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #22
maybe this video will help orleans Oct 2014 #29
I Heart Maggie! NYC_SKP Oct 2014 #30
i know, right? she's wonderful. n/t orleans Oct 2014 #31
Wow! Maggie is a smart doggie! magical thyme Oct 2014 #41
I has a number shenmue Oct 2014 #32
three nines you say? Enrique Oct 2014 #33
This post wins! ashling Oct 2014 #35
Math hurts my feelings. (nt) Inkfreak Oct 2014 #36
Bwah-ha-HAH!1 Another DUzy n/t UTUSN Oct 2014 #39
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