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Wonder why now? femmocrat Jun 2015 #1
He was on time out since May 31... cyberswede Jun 2015 #3
Thanks. That makes sense. femmocrat Jun 2015 #4
23 minutes after backwoodsbob's timeout started on DU, he posted this on DI: CreekDog Jun 2015 #18
I thought he was from South Carolina? Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #44
At that point he'd been living in Virginia for several years CreekDog Jun 2015 #45
Yikes. n/t dixiegrrrrl Jun 2015 #2
I think it was time for backwoodsbob to move on. (nt) Paladin Jun 2015 #5
+1 Baitball Blogger Jun 2015 #41
He seemed nice enough in the Lounge, talking about his pet dogs. Xyzse Jun 2015 #6
He stunk up the place when he was breeding a tiny purebred epileptic dog MADem Jun 2015 #16
Those threads really upset me CrawlingChaos Jun 2015 #27
I must have completely missed that. Xyzse Jun 2015 #36
It was an appalling, and obvious, troll-y thread. MADem Jun 2015 #40
Oh, the irony skepticscott Jun 2015 #43
He bragged about shooting a dog, Arugula Latte Jun 2015 #17
He also bragged about having a better home than his ex, and sleeping with both her and another. Scuba Jun 2015 #31
If you followed his posts on his dogs you avebury Jun 2015 #21
I didn't follow them. Xyzse Jun 2015 #35
Years after obvious troll became obvious. Warren Stupidity Jun 2015 #7
Seriously. Hissyspit Jun 2015 #19
Watching my karma. antiquie Jun 2015 #8
Thanks for a great mid-week smile!!! In_The_Wind Jun 2015 #9
that never gets old fizzgig Jun 2015 #29
some get banned after one time out, others don't. hobbit709 Jun 2015 #10
I'm sure the Admins review their posts to reach a decision... cyberswede Jun 2015 #12
Some understand nuance. Some don't. LanternWaste Jun 2015 #14
'Bout time NV Whino Jun 2015 #11
I doubt it pscot Jun 2015 #20
Doesn't seem to be much happiness at all in that place Major Nikon Jun 2015 #37
Very little pscot Jun 2015 #38
Now he can be with his buds over at DI Starry Messenger Jun 2015 #13
I peak in on DI from time to time avebury Jun 2015 #22
Not surprised at all. Le Taz Hot Jun 2015 #15
. LiberalElite Jun 2015 #23
!!! Kali Jun 2015 #24
! cyberswede Jun 2015 #25
LOL! Baitball Blogger Jun 2015 #42
. CreekDog Jun 2015 #46
Good!!! riderinthestorm Jun 2015 #26
I never cared about him either way. His posts were just meh. mackerel Jun 2015 #28
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #30
Can't help wondering if we'll soon see another ban Orrex Jun 2015 #32
good riddance magical thyme Jun 2015 #33
Good. HappyMe Jun 2015 #34
Was dreading his return! eom mentalsolstice Jun 2015 #39
online comedy takes more talent than dumbth . olddots Jun 2015 #47
I was aware of the shooting the dog controversy JonLP24 Jun 2015 #48
He was a macho, macho man, and he wooed his women pinboy3niner Jun 2015 #49
Aw I'm going to miss his posts. progressoid Jun 2015 #50
You and me both AwakeAtLast Jun 2015 #54
Well, well, well....... Little Star Jun 2015 #51
LOL - backwardsbob is just NOW getting banned? Skittles Jun 2015 #52
and his creepy posts about his wife and his neighbors? CreekDog Jun 2015 #53
he needed help. olddots Jun 2015 #55
STRANGE GUY with lots of issues. trueblue2007 Jul 2015 #56
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