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1. too many clouds
Mon Sep 28, 2015, 07:55 AM
Sep 2015

They were pretty clouds, and you could see the glow of the moon behind them at times, but it was impossible to see the eclipse.

too many clouds surrealAmerican Sep 2015 #1
Overcast. LiberalEsto Sep 2015 #2
I watched until it was fully in shadow. I could see a red glow Arkansas Granny Sep 2015 #3
It looked like a giant toasted marshmallow. :-) My son and I watched it together. n/t seaglass Sep 2015 #4
I could see it peeking through the clouds. femmocrat Sep 2015 #5
Cloudy, misty, too tired to move off couch... Phentex Sep 2015 #6
No, and very disappointed. Total cloud cover here. mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #7
ayup. beautiful. stayed about 10 minutes past totality. magical thyme Sep 2015 #8
Yup, and I watched it set this morning just as the sun was rising. panader0 Sep 2015 #9
Clouds, rain, ick... bullsnarfle Sep 2015 #10
Had to walk a couple kilometers. bikebloke Sep 2015 #11
I blame Pope Francis LynneSin Sep 2015 #12
Too overcast swimboy Sep 2015 #13
+1 n/t TexasBushwhacker Sep 2015 #18
Nope. Baitball Blogger Sep 2015 #14
it was gorgeous fizzgig Sep 2015 #15
very weird cloud cover olddots Sep 2015 #16
A beautiful sight here in Fort Lauderdale... Callmecrazy Sep 2015 #17
I would suspect that there will be astronomical events in the coming years kentauros Sep 2015 #19
If a total of a minute through the entire time counts. we can do it Sep 2015 #20
Saw it. Loved it. Aristus Sep 2015 #21
Clouds in the way. Totally overcast, not even a glow. Manifestor_of_Light Sep 2015 #22
Looked like the Man in the Moon had a sunburn. Marie Marie Sep 2015 #23
Too much sunshine for me to see it. CBGLuthier Sep 2015 #24
I looked twice. Saw nothing. Cloudy Liberal_in_LA Sep 2015 #25
My balcony faces west and I didn't feel like going outside. arcane1 Sep 2015 #26
WoW bending light bouncing off the Moon & a quarter million miles back to my eyeballs MasonDreams Sep 2015 #27
Skeered shenmue Sep 2015 #28
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