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too many clouds surrealAmerican Sep 2015 #1
Overcast. LiberalEsto Sep 2015 #2
I watched until it was fully in shadow. I could see a red glow Arkansas Granny Sep 2015 #3
It looked like a giant toasted marshmallow. :-) My son and I watched it together. n/t seaglass Sep 2015 #4
I could see it peeking through the clouds. femmocrat Sep 2015 #5
Cloudy, misty, too tired to move off couch... Phentex Sep 2015 #6
No, and very disappointed. Total cloud cover here. mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #7
ayup. beautiful. stayed about 10 minutes past totality. magical thyme Sep 2015 #8
Yup, and I watched it set this morning just as the sun was rising. panader0 Sep 2015 #9
Clouds, rain, ick... bullsnarfle Sep 2015 #10
Had to walk a couple kilometers. bikebloke Sep 2015 #11
I blame Pope Francis LynneSin Sep 2015 #12
Too overcast swimboy Sep 2015 #13
+1 n/t TexasBushwhacker Sep 2015 #18
Nope. Baitball Blogger Sep 2015 #14
it was gorgeous fizzgig Sep 2015 #15
very weird cloud cover olddots Sep 2015 #16
A beautiful sight here in Fort Lauderdale... Callmecrazy Sep 2015 #17
I would suspect that there will be astronomical events in the coming years kentauros Sep 2015 #19
If a total of a minute through the entire time counts. we can do it Sep 2015 #20
Saw it. Loved it. Aristus Sep 2015 #21
Clouds in the way. Totally overcast, not even a glow. Manifestor_of_Light Sep 2015 #22
Looked like the Man in the Moon had a sunburn. Marie Marie Sep 2015 #23
Too much sunshine for me to see it. CBGLuthier Sep 2015 #24
I looked twice. Saw nothing. Cloudy Liberal_in_LA Sep 2015 #25
My balcony faces west and I didn't feel like going outside. arcane1 Sep 2015 #26
WoW bending light bouncing off the Moon & a quarter million miles back to my eyeballs MasonDreams Sep 2015 #27
Skeered shenmue Sep 2015 #28
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